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5 Good Reasons To Believe That Guardiola Is The Best F****** Manager Of The Universe

Last season, Manchester City's team cruised to the Premier League title. Ok cruised maybe an exaggeration. OK... Only one point ahead of Liverpool's second place? Not entirely winners of the 2018/19 PL until the last match? Small details I should say, but, there’s no dispute about one fact: Surely, Pep Guardiola is a footballing genius!

Pep Guardiola, a man who's always shown why he's the best; a man that knows exactly how to manage a team; a man... That knows how to be bald with style. I know it's inevitable, sometimes, to speak of the great merits of other Premier League and world managers such as Mauricio Pochettino, Jurgen Klopp, Carlo Ancellotti, Ernesto Valverde... (Zinedine Zidane?), but, let's be honest: There are plenty of arguments to have the Catalan coach at the top of the podium, being by far the best f****** manager around, b******!! So, without further ado, let's begin!

1. He learned his coaching ways from a total genius: Johan Cruyff

During the '80s, Barcelona went all in in an attempt to succeed the way a club of their size ought to have been. That's why they looked to an old saint to get things moving and brought Johan Cruyff in as the new club manager. Cruyff was an absolute legend at Barcelona during his footballing days as a player, and had started an excellent managerial predisposition at the club that birthed him as a professional superstar, Ajax.

At that time, Barcelona required a key personality, which Cruyff gave them. He became Barcelona's new coach in 1988, and after 3 years, he had splendidly coached Barcelona his strategy for playing football by overwhelming opposition with beautifull attacking football. This methodology won the club 4 consecutive winning seasons. A young Pep Guardiola was an instrumental piece in one of Barcelona's greatest squads ever: The Dream Team. This was Pep's first introduction to the Dutch philosophy of complete football. That philosophy has been a key piece in the scheme of training Guardiola has had in the various teams he has trained, and so far, he has won... 31 club titles with it!? HOLY S***!!

2. He also learned and trained at the best club: FC Barcelona

Guardiola left Barcelona as a player in 2001, later retiring as a professional player in 2006/07. In 2007, he was back to football, in his very own nation, anxious to show his brilliant way of thinking as a coach. He was allowed the chance to mentor Barcelona second team and after only one season under the tutelage of Van Gaal (Coach of the first team at that time of Guardiola's Barcelona exit), he showed a great capacity to understand the game and overcome tactical changes in real time... This meant he quickly took Frank Rijkaard's job at the Camp Nou! And started coaching a group of players that conformed possibly the finest football team of all time.

The Spaniard demonstrated to be a masterstroke with Barcelona, creating what would become one of the greatest Barcelona's legacies since Cruyff's golden age. In his four years as Barcelona's master-mind, Guardiola won LaLiga multiple times and the Champions League twice. Guardiola's Barcelona was known all over the world.

The Catalan titans had a style that was exceptionally simple on the eye. Guardiola clearly took motivation from Johan Cruyff, who stated, "Quality without results is inconsequential. Results without quality is exhausting." Barcelona were by and large energising to watch. Something that Valverde... Oh, well. What can I say: "There's never two of the same".

3. He coached and gained more experience (Mainly in languages) in more than one club. Munich... YOU'RE NEXT!

No one was expecting it, especially after the great success he was having, but, in the end, Guardiola left Barcelona and took a short rest from the managerial role. However, he quickly assumed responsibility to coach German Goliath Bayern Munich. Guardiola didn't change his style and gave everybody a shot before selling the players he didn't think fit him (Kroos, Mandzukic? You're out!). With a team now fitted to his style, Bayern won the Bundesliga in every one of the 3 seasons Guardiola was in charge.

What Bayern truly wanted and needed from the Spanish magic technician, however, was a Champions League, but each season they were thumped out in the elimination rounds. It was an instance of close yet not close enough for Guardiola during his time in Germany. His playing style had demonstrated to work when it came to winning an association title, yet would it be able to ensure European achievement? The answer? Nop! (At least, he learned how to talk German. Is that not enough?)

4. Manchester City; what else should I say?

When Guardiola left the Bundesliga, he was broadly reputed to head to the Premier League, one of the best football leagues in the world. It was finally Manchester City who gave it their best shot to pursue Guardiola and take him to the Etihad. He arrived, but, in his first season with the citizens, he finished at a disillusioning 3rd place, however, he didn;t take long to mold an exciting team into Europe's deepest and best squad, with a style to fit.

The 2017/18 Premier League season was completely ruled by one team, as Manchester City completed their PL crusade, achieving the 100th point record, something that no one had achieved... Until Pep decided it was about time. After that, trophy after trophy (No Champions unfortunately), proving every day that his magic touch hasn't been lost with the pass of the years. Are you still doubting he is the best? Only because he has't won the Champions League in quite a while?

5. Overcoming the criticism, and always achieving the most impossible goals

Finally, Guardiola has demonstrated that his style brings trophies, his football is entertaining, revolutionary but most importantly effective. His rival for many years, Jose Mourinho, might want to point to his comparable record yet with teams loaded up with less superstars. At that point, there's the incomparable Carlo Ancelotti, or even the Englishman Bob Paisley who won 3 Champions Leagues during his time at Liverpool. Just three words: One single club.

Guardiola has been challenged over and over, at every team he has been, he had doubters, everyone said he couldn't do it without Messi, Xavi and Iniesta, yet he went on to Bayern and reconstructed a team that was excellently successful on German soil in his tenure there; yes, he didn't win a Champions League, but, he won consistently, and as recent years have shown us, it is harder than it looks to make Bayern Munich win. And even those who disregarded Guardiola for playing in Germany and Spain, for playing in "softer" leagues where the competition was no where near the Premier League have been proved wrong by the Catalan genius. Since his second season at City, he has absolutely and undoubtedly dominated English football winning two Leagues, one against one of the greatest Liverpool sides ever, and even winning the domestic treble, something that no manager has "EVER!!" done in England, proving once again his genius and consistency.

After all, when he retires from coaching (That'll be... Maybe in 40-50 years?) Guardiola will not only be remembered for his many titles and victories in the elite of world's football. Like the best in history, Pep will have a place for his way of seeing football, his methodology, balding charisma, and especially his constancy to overcome any challenge in his way. Long Live The Best F***** Manager in The Universe!!!

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