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A ​Whole New World of Aladdin​

What would you do if you found a magic lamp? What would you wish for? The new Aladdin movie gives us a new in sight of a movie we all grew up with and loved. It was amazing, watching it felt like my childhood came running back to me. The few plot changes made the movie a whole lot better. The overall plot to Aladdin that we see from the animated series is a boy named Aladdin is sent out into a 'cave of wonders' which has a face of a tiger, to retrieve a lamp for the antagonist Jafar. Which in the end Aladdin retrieves for himself where he meets the genie and begins his three wishes to try and win his princess Jasmine by pretending to be a prince as she could never marry a "street rat".

So is the live movie actually as good as the animation?

On a serious note YES!!!!! I would say better!

let's go into detail why?....


The movie was 100X better due to this man!!! The genie roll was literally so well fit. Will Smith literally gave me Fresh Prince Of Bel Air vibes, with his street wise cracks and his Will charm. It was awesome! The music and his energy within the movie just made the whole experience more WOW! Will smiths acting has never disappointed us; we could even say he stole the show from the main actor who played Aladdin. The genie appears right at the beginning and after a third of the movie has passed, as soon as his entry comes we can see how the movie takes a twist and becomes more lively and joyful with the singing and dancing. We even sympathise with the character at a point during the movie as all he wants is to be is free which is what he is promised.

The second reason will be the New Characters!!!

One of the differences we see in the plot is the addition of new characters such as Dalia who is Princess Jasmine's loyal handmaiden and childhood friend, another addition would be Hakim who is the head of the guards has more of a role within this movie than the animation.

Dalia is shown to be someone who is very close to Princess Jasmine we always see her by the Princess's side being a helping hand. I thought her addition to the movie allowed the storyline to have a bigger meaning, she married the genie as we see at the end of the movie which allows us to know that the genie and Dalia also get the happy ending they deserve. I thought it was a good idea to add this to the story cause it showed the helpers also got the ending they deserve as they go on to exploring the world together.

Another reason would be the Added Scenes

From the animation there are loads of additions to the live movie, such as when Prince Ali gets to talk to Princess Jasmine at the party, where we get to see what Princess Jasmine actually wants in a husband. It is a change from the animation as we don't get to see deeper into the characters and what their personalities are like and what they actually want. Prince Ali (aka Aladdin) is shown to be insecure off who he truly is, thinking the princess won't like him for him whereas we see the Princess wants a guy who will just be himself and put an effort into knowing her.

New Theme- Feminism

One thing I loved as a female was how independent they showed Princess Jasmine to be. She didn't need a man throughout the whole movie she just wanted to be sultan and look after her people. They touched on this topic when Jafar told the Princess to stay in her place and to stay quiet. By the end of the movie we see how Princess Jasmine would not stay quiet and even as a women in the Middle East she wanted respect and she proved she deserved it.

I was really glad a Disney movie had touched on this topic as many girls grow up watching Disney Princess's and have the interpretation they need to find a man in order to have a perfect happy life. Whereas this Aladdin movie shows how even as a women she is powerful.

Overall I loved the movie, it was so fun.

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