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Ah? Do You Think You Are More Expensive Than Me?

Nowadays, it's money, money and more money. What's wrong with you people!?

In football it's the same, it seems like footballers, the better they are, the more they cost. Strange, right? This 2018/19 season has really been one full of interesting surprises (Juventus, Man City, Barcelona and Bayern have won their respective leagues? Wow! Amazin'! So innovative). Players no one had a single idea about (Van de Beek? I love that guy), are now being recruited by the best teams in the world (Sorry Chelsea).

That's why we decided to make a squad of 11 players (without Neymar The Diver) who have done so well this season, they've increased their market value. So, without further ado, this is the Most Expensive XI in the World (From less expensive to the most. Just letting you know... because later, there's people who say "so this guy was the first in the list and he's not expensive? You idiots! Just f***** read!):

11. Aymeric Laporte

The 25-year-old French defender, who plays at Manchester City in the Premier League, appears on this list with a total Market value of £94 million. He has been a rock for City this season and has clearly one of the best defenders for in the Prem and the world.

By far, the defender has proven his worth with the Citizens, conquering the league title twice under the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola. His teammate, goalkeeper Ederson was in this spot as well, but as you can see down we chose another goalie for the team (just there... NUMBER 10, MAN! NUMBER 10!).

10. Allison Becker

After winning the UEFA Champions League with Liverpool this season, the Brazilian goalkeeper's price skyrocketed, making him the most expensive of all goalkeepers with a value of £96 million. In addition to this, he's also the undisputed guardian of the Brazilian national team. He clearly did a good job with Virgil in his match against the almighty Tottenham (I'm kidding) in a super amazing final (I'm kidding again).

9. Virgil van Dijk

At this very moment, the Dutch man is considered by many as the best defender in the world (currently of course) and he showed it all season, especially in the Champions League, where he managed to lift the monarch's scepter with Liverpool. Virgil Van Dick... I mean Dijk (Pretty similar spelling, ok?) is currently valued at £100 million.

8. Bernardo Silva

Now, one of the midfielders of the team has been a revolution this season for Man City and for his national side, Portugal. It is non other than Bernardo Silva (What!? You already knew!? How!?), one of the great heroes for Portugal, who was awarded the MVP in the first edition of the Nations League, something that his colleague CR7 didn't like at all (SIUUU? NOUUUUUU!).

The midfielder plays with the Citizens, where these last two years he has managed to get two League Cups, two Premier Leagues, one Community Shield and one FA Cup, increasing his value to £112 million.

7. Philippe Coutinho (WTF!? HOW!?)

It seems that this list is dominated by the Reds and the Citizens thanks to their great seasons under Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, respectively, but the Barcelona's "outstanding" Brazilian cone, won a place in this privileged list thanks to his £115 million market value.

Unfortunately, that's something that he has not been able to show in his team, but it can't be so bad since they won La Liga (Too easy) and reached the Champions League semifinals (Ha, ha... Memories of that corner).

6. Trent Alexander-Arnold

One more player that the Reds managed to sneak into this list of the most expensive and no wonder; after having won the Champions League and doing everything to take the Premier League tittle from City, it's non other than Trent "Barcelona's cheeky worst nightmare" Alexander-Arnorld.

The British right-back is only 20 years old and thanks to his good performances he is able to tell his mates he is worth £116 million.

5. Jadon Sancho

Top 5! It seems that this list is coming... home (Ha ha... Not funny?)

But not exactly to England, if not to the Bundesliga, to Borussia Dormund's Christian Pulisic place thief and British young star Jadon Sancho. He has been outstanding for the national team and for the German club, where he has started being a regular in the line-up. Surprisingly, his value is £142 million but he is only 19 years old. Clearly, the youngest player in our squad.

4. Lionel Messi

In the top 4, we have the best of all time: LEOOOOOO... MESSIIIIII!

Maybe this season wasn't the best for La Pulga as Barcelona only won the La Liga trophy and completely felt in despair in the Champions League semis and the final of the Spanish Cup. Fortunately, he has the chance to win another trophy with the Copa America this summer, something that Leo would like to add to his cabinet with Argentina. God's worth is £149 million.

3. Raheem Sterling

The English and Jamaican winger, on both sides, defends the colors of Manchester City, the two-time British football champion, in this top 3 spot of the list.

This year, Sterling managed to take the PFA Young Player of the Year so it is not surprising to see him priced at £185 million.

2. Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian striker who has had a good time going through a great moment with the squad that 'will never walk alone', appears on this list with a value of £195 million, after finally raising the 6th Champions Cup with Liverpool, which was denied to him a year ago after Sergio Ramos (he's getting married) got him injured with a Tekken karate move.

1. Kylian Mbappé


Thanks to his young age, the Frenchman is seen as the future of football and, clearly, has potential to be one of the best players in history. Mbappé cannot be reproached for anything, because he has won Ligue 1 with PSG for two consecutive years and last year he won the World Cup. The 20-year-old French forward has a market of £224 million, well above the rest and, by far (Sorry Ney), well deserved.

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