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Amazon's Game of Thrones

“Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,

Nine for Mortal Men, doomed to die,

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,

One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.”

Who doesn't love Harry Potter's iconic beginning. Not... Not Harry Potter... oh ok my bad. Lord of the Rings it is then.

With Netflix and HBO battling for "the Streaming Throne", mellow fellow Amazon has been at the back of the queue for some time now but that could all be about to change. The streaming platform has decided to take a big step towards a brighter future. How? By using the same formula HBO had with Game of Thrones (So innovative, Jeff). And Netflix? Who cares about Netflix now? It's all about Amazon now, man. Stick to the article, god damn it man.

At the end of 2017, Amazon announced that it had acquired the rights to the so famous trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings' to make a television series (and The Hobbit. Don't forget The "GOD DAMN" Hobbit). After the success of such films, the company wants to see if they can still take some advantage from it. And from what we know so far, Amazon is aware of the interest generated by this series and the investment will be huge.

Now seriously (very serious... I'm serious! Jeez), this series could actually be a big thing, it gives me goosebumps only thinking about it. I'm so excited I could jump from the Cracks of Doom in Orodruin in Mordor (Actually... not that excited).

The series based on Tolkien's work has been described as Amazon's Game of Thrones (And I thought Jon Snow was the only one who didn't know nothing). Whoever put that name is a genius! This upcoming "LOTR" (Stands for... do I really need to say it) series is clearly an ambitious project; only 250 million dollars were paid for the rights , and it is estimated that the series will cost one billion dollars (Seriously, that's f****** mental).

The first figures Amazon's told us about 'Lord of the Rings' would have an initial investment of 500 million, of which 250 would disappear as rights and there would be 125 for each of the two initial seasons. Now that we know that the initial deal includes five seasons, The Hollywood Reporter believes the total budget could shoot up to 1,000 million!

Amazon are also so nice to the fans of the franchise as they announced: "The Lord of the Rings is a cultural phenomenon that has captured the imagination of generations of fans through literature and film. We are delighted to take these fans to a new and epic adventure in Middle Earth."

Clearly, they're going for our money, right?

Also, from what I read in some random, but professional website about this kind of stuff (always professional), the series are expected to be five seasons long, and although nothing has been said about who the cast and the directors will be, we do know that they have signed JD Payne and Patrick McKay as screenwriters, who both worked on Star Trek: Beyond's script (To infinity and beyond. This time I got it, have I?).

Now that we talked about money, money, planing, planing, money and more money, what are fans supposed to expect from the acclaimed franchise? Will it be good? (Obviously, duh. Why would they waste billions of dollars in making a Lord of The Rings adaptation 50 Shadows of Grey style?) Will previous characters appear? (I would really love to see Gandalf again. YOU SHALL NOT PASS... I'm in the bathroom). Is it going to be a prequel or a sequel? (As they say, sequels have never been as good as the originals, so you know what to do now, Bezos).

Don't worry. All those questions have been answered with a little bit of magic (Dumbledore, start doing your tricks). As expected, when the series of The Lord of the Rings was announced, the actors from the films were asked about their position on this series and if they would be interested in participating on this new epic adventure.

For his presence in all the films and the importance of his character, Gandalf The Grey in Tolkien's universe, Ian Mckellen, was one of the first to comment. The British actor left the door open to return as he said: "Gandalf is 7,000 years old, I'm not that old yet." (Cheeky Ian)

Other actors like Sean Astin (Sam), Andy Serkis (My precious), John Rhys Davies (Gimli) or Orlando Bloom (Legolas) have refused the offer. Something new needs new faces.

As for the story line, it was revealed that the Amazon series will be set in the Second Age of Middle Earth, known as the Dark Age (spooky name, very emo, like it), a period long before The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit's event even occurred.

Its almost 3500 years of history begining with the settlement of the Elves in Eriador, the region that in the Third Age is occupied by Rivendell, Bree of the Shire (Not to be confused with Brienne of Tarth), and ends with the pit of Isildur that slows down the new and penultimate resurgence of Sauron. At this time, the most powerful men occupy Númenor, an island that was given to them by the Valar as a reward for having supported Morgoth and company (If you didn't understand all of that, don't worry, you're not alone).

Essentially, a prequel of Lord of The Rings is what we are going to get (So don't be afraid if you expected to see "Sméagol & his friends (none) show." Jeff has us covered).

Therefore, Amazon has until the end of 2019 to choose the technical and artistic team and discover what they want to achieve with the largest investment in a series to date, a product that will last for years and that is born with the hope of becoming the start of a gigantic new universe of adaptations and comic strips set in the Tolkien imaginary universe. That is to say, the most probable thing at present is that in 2021 we have a series (If not, we are doomed).

However, as long as they contact Peter Jackson for it and add some Gandalf cameos dancing in the Hobbit shire, I will be a happy man. We can only expect more details and signings for this ambitious Amazon series, which is clearly going to be a big hit in our TV screens. Time to run, Netflix, HBO... (I just hope no one get's mad on the final episode. Oh, dear...)

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