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Arsenal!! Do They Actually Have A Chance To Win The Premier League This Season!?


The battle to win the Premier this season has begun and there are two true contenders for the title, on one side: the defending champion and on the other the challenger; Manchester City and Liverpool maintain a great duel to keep the crown and it does not seem that someone else can join the dispute for the acclaimed Premier League trophy. At the outset, there is a clear difference with respect to Manchester City and Liverpool, these two teams seem to play in a different league, with a different rhythm and players who are world class.

Arsenal (Pruff...) will be one of the teams aspiring to the title in England this next 2019/20 season, OK!?. I know Liverpool and Man City have been dominating the Premier for these couple years but... WHAT ABOUT ARSENAL, MATE!? HAVEN'T YOU SEEN HOW WELL THEY SPENT THIS SUMMER?

Arsenal; a club who hasn't raised the league title in England since: THE INVINCIBLES! Some, sadly (they were not even born), don't remember them. However, the reality and history of British football allow Arsenal to be among the most important clubs in the country, at least at the level of relevance.

That's why when the North London club officially sealed some of the best signings of this summer transfer window, clearly, the debate appeared on the streets of the English capital: Can Arsenal actually do it? Can they actually stand up this season and "somehow" win the league this season (miracles happen)? Here are some of the arguments I made to try to convince you they "actually" have a chance:

Point Numero Uno: New Faces

Firstly, Arsenal has made some of the most shocking, amazing and best signings amongst Premier League clubs this season (And I thought Patrick Cutrone to Wolverhampton was weird). The arrivals of players such as Dani Ceballos, Nicolas Pépé, David Luiz or Kieran Tierney to the Emirates Stadium have made a leap forward in the team's sporting pretensions.

The young Spanish midfielder, Ceballos, will provide his innate technical quality to make a difference in the final third. Pépé will try to produce similar figures to those he did in 2018/19 in France with Lille, where he was only surpassed by the imposing Kylian Mbappé (That kid is going to be a star... WAIT! HE'S ALREADY A STAR!). One of the most surprising transfers is non-other than David Luiz's. The Brazilian arrives with quite a big media echo as he comes from Chelsea, one of Arsenal's direct rivals. Still, his signing is pure gold for the Gunners, who now have one of the best defenders in the league (FINALLY!).

And to round off the summer transfer agenda, Kieran Tierney who will have his first great litmus test after taking his first steps in the Scottish league with Celtic, and being considered one of the most promising left-backs this era. For sure, these signings have considerably reinforced a project that had already achieved an important step forward last year as Arsenal reached the Europa League Final (Let's forget the fact they've completely got smacked by Chelsea. My condolences to my editor, Arsenal fan). But now, the Gunners finally have spent a little bit of money than with what they were used to with Arsene, and... Oh, boy! This team looks promising!

Point Numero Deux: What is that in the front-three? A F****** CANNON!?

Arsenal's attack this season is... SPOOKY!? They had world-class players like Aubameyang and Lacazzete, plus other talents such as Mesut Özil or Mkhitaryan. However, if that front two was already a nice lethal combo last season with those two behind them... Dani Ceballos and Pépé join the party!! (It's this Super Smash Bros Arsenal Edition or what!?)

Imagine all that offensive power Arsenal has now. Scary, right? Moreover, Bellerín and Tierney can also be powerful offensive players in the back, apart from that "more lethal than ever" front-three that could be formed by Aubameyang, Lacazette, and Pépé, and that's why Emery needs to think carefully which would be the right formula to create a super cannon this season and start bombing Tottenham, Chelsea, Man Utd and City, as well as Liverpool. ('PREMIER LEAGUE: ENDGAME' SOON IN CINEMAS, starring Pépé and David Luiz as the main stars)

Point Numero Three: A tactically prepared manager; Unai Emery

"Preparation is the key for success". Who said that? WHY DO YOU CARE!? (I don't know, OK?)

Unai Emery made it clear when he arrived from (being kicked by PSG) Paris Sant-Germain that Arsenal's transition from the post-Wenger era was going to take time... But, you know Arsenal fans, right? (Have you never seen 'Arsenal Fan TV'? It's on YouTube. Have a look).

This season, Emery has managed to maintain the team's base, having sealed new signings that seem to adapt perfectly to the ideology of Arsenal's game style. Clearly, Emery's sporting and tactical arguments could achieve a greater solidity in the future (and even now) to, say, expect a leap forward in quality and competitiveness from Arsenal this season in the Premier League.

Point Numero Vier: If they win... CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, BABY!!!

Finally, an argument that should have sports consequences in the future. The need to receive fresh money at the club as well as staying out of the Champions League this new season are two solid bases to wait and see a step forward by Arsenal at the Premier League's competitive level. A second year without Champions can be seen as very negative news for the image of Arsenal's global club, and a serious step back to the level of income that would deprive the club of being competitive the next summer in the transfer market. But still, having to aspire almost by obligation to the maximum continental competition will cause the London football team to take a step forward at the Premier League, increasing their percentage of positive results and, consequently, turning into a club that could become this season a hard bone to deal with in PL's table high zone.

But, for now, at first glance, Manchester City, Liverpool, even Arsenal rivals' Tottenham appear as the fittest teams in English football after their more than positive 2018/19 season. However, taking into account the offensive potential, good additions, the club's goals to return to the Champions League and the philosophy of a competitive coach like Unai Emery, will Arsenal officially enter the race to win the next Premier League? (I bet all my money on Liverpool, and just a little tiny bit on them. I HOPE I DON'T LOSE THAT MONEY, OK!?)

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