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Beckham's New Mega-Project For Inter Miami Includes Leo Messi

Before we start... This is all rumours, so as rumours they are, THE MAY OR MAY NOT COME TRUE. So... Don't get excited, MLS fans. Barcelona fans are not going to hand Leo so easily... WAIT!! MESSI CAN GO FOR FREE AT THE END OF THE SEASON!? NOOOO!!

Another week, and another football superstar is rumoured to be in talks with David Beckham about joining his new Inter Miami team in the MLS. This week is the turn of the GOAT: Leo Messi. This is a scary rumor for Barcelona, especially considering their start to the season on the back of a wildly disappointing 18/19 campaign. Also, the fact Neymar didn't get his move back to the Catalan capital, as well as the beautiful "you can go for free"clause on the Argentinian new contract, make this rumour more plausible.

But seriously; who was so stupid to think this release clause was a good idea? Oh, wait...

[Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu said this week that he expects Messi to stay: “I have no doubt he will want to continue until 2021 and we hope after that another year.”]

Yep; I knew it was going to be that guy.

Anyway, Radio Catalunya in Barcelona reported that Beckham has reached out to Messi’s representatives to see if he would be interested in moving to his MLS club for the next stage of his career. Messi has been at Barcelona for years, he's a club legend, he's Leo Messi, the GOAT... He's clearly going to stay... Right? Right? (Please, don't go!)

Messi has said in the past that he wouldn’t want to play for any European team other than Barcelona, for which he has scored 603 goals in 687 games. However, Inter Miami is not a European club, so...

When asked about the rumour, Inter Miami sporting director Paul McDonough said: “We have no comment on player rumours.” Yet, on January 29, 2018, when Inter Miami became official, Messi sent a video congratulations to Beckham and the parting line was: “And who knows, maybe in a few years you can give me a call.” I heard Leo does like to vacation in Miami.

Even if there's all these coincidences, no one knows if Leo will actually leave the Camp Nou before retiring, or if the Argentine will stay loyal and help the club until the last days of a wonderful career. In any case, Messi is not the only signing Beckham is dreaming with for his new MLS mega-project: Uruguayan players Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani have also been linked to Inter Miami.

Beckam's good relationship with various current and former legends of the game could very well see him form an outrageous team in Miami. The former England international is also reportedly in talks to sign Zinedine Zidane to lead his star studded franchise while also contacting Cristiano Ronaldo to lure him into finishing his career alongside Leo Messi.

It is undeniable that Beckam poses a succulent deal; Miami beaches, nice weather, one of America's most internationally diverse cities and a whole load of money.

Only one thing can be said now: Will Zlatan be up to the challenge, and beat Beckham's super team? After all... "There's only one Zlatan".

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