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Brazil-Argentina: A Total Win Or A Brutal Robbery?


After an intense clash, Brazil, the tournament's hosts, will play the 2019 Copa America final in Maracana, after defeating an improved Argentina 2-0

Lionel Scaloni decided to go all out with the same XI he used against Venezuela, where Sergio Agüero and Leo Messi were the pillars that led the team into the semifinals. On the other side, Brazil was not afraid, even without their main star, Neymar Jr., and they were clearly going all out to win too.

The start of the match wasn't a pure show as everyone (who was awake at that time) could have expected. The "Don't loose or else we are f*****!" intensity between the two sides was palpable from the get-go. Argentina was trying its best to repel the great runs Brazil was making thanks to Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus and Liverpool's Bobby... FIRMINOOOOO! (Liverpool fan right here, ok?)

Tite's team seemed to have the clearest ideas, with more intention to play the ball, while Scaloni's team, although brave in the high pressure, were more focused on maintaining good tactical positioning... And going with the flow... I guess?

Paredes and Rodrigo de Paul were the main players keeping Argentina flowing. Paredes was the first to try and score the first, in the 11th minute, after a very powerful distant shot, with the collaboration of the GOAT, Messi's, pass, which went to the stands a few millimeters over the crossbar. However, that attack didn't matter too much to the Brazilians, who continued with their persistent pressure over Argentina's defense.

On the 18th minute, FC Barcelona's favorite flop, Philipe Coutinho, started a beautiful attacking play (with a cheeky nutmeg over Paredes), which Alves (who doesn't have a team now... Is he club-less?), passed nicely to Firmino, who was completely unmarked in the rival area and put a precise ball Jesus's feet, who scored the fist for Brazil. HOLY JESUS! IT'S A MIRACLE! GOOOAAALLL! 1-0!

But, Argentina only has one true God: Lionel Messi, and clearly, he wasn't giving up on this one.The Argentinian star completely destroyed Casemiro's career with his outrageous dribbling, but his team couldn't finish the chances like he would have liked. For example, a clear occasion to tie the match, in the 31st minute, was squandered; a great long pass into the box by Messi, which Agüero headed with power over Alisson, completely beaten, however, the ball hit the crossbar. Just 5 minutes later, Messi tried on his own, but the Barcelona's star shot went very wide, not causing any major trouble to Alisson. HALF TIME!

The second half was the most interesting time, as it was the time for VAR and the famous football conspiracies. Why am I saying that? You'll see...

Brazil, despite the first half attempts from their opponents, didn't feel too intimidated. Probably, thanks to the spectacular display former PSG and Barcelona right back Dani Alves was showing out to the world. That guy literally doesn't age, does he?

It wasn't the best match for Brazil, but it was effective. Their defense was superb, Argentina tried it all to score an equalizer and turn the match in their favor. None of that worked. During the half, Tite decided to sub Willian for Everton.

Argentina did step forward, although with enough sense, with long possessions, more versatility and two early chances from Lautaro and De Paul, a first touch volley after a pass from Agüero, which Alisson got comfortably (49th minute) and a shot that went to the moon. Was that a ball or a rocket? Chance after chance, and none of them worked.

The crucial moment of the game was on the 70th minute: A great play by Messi and Argentina, and then... Oppsie! Alves clearly pushed Agüero to the floor of Brazil's penalty area away from the ball. That's a penalty, right? Nah, fam! That's not a penalty, fam! That's probably what the referee was thinking, who didn't even check VAR, after the multiple protests from Messi & Co.

Funny thing was that Brazil stole the ball after said play, without VAR interfering, and were able to get on the counter-attack with Jesus and Bobby, with just two defenders to stop them. The great speed of the Man City bench warmer was too much for his teammate Otamendi, who fell to the floor, leaving a gap for Jesus to pass it to Firmino, who scored the 2nd of the game without any difficulty. GOOOAAALLL! 2-0!

And that was pretty much it. No penalty given or anything. Just like that, Argentina couldn't do anything to revert the score. Even with the GOAT on their side. It was just... SAD! But, clearly, this match was more Brazil's efficiency than anything else... BULL ****! It was "enormous" bad luck from Argentina! Let's be real! I would love to say this was a total robbery over a perfect win by Brazil, but football is football, and this kind of things happen from time to time. Nothing can be done now. Congrats, Brazil!

On the other hand, Argentina, once again, fails to win an international title with Messi on the team. So... Better luck next time, guys!

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