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Can No-One Beat The German Wall?

Spain was brilliant against Germany. And those are big words for losers. Yeah! I'm sorry but Spain sadly lost, after they couldn't beat Germany. A single goal in the final score (1-0).

Jorge Vilda's team looked very good against the number 2 ranked national side in the world. Spain controlled several facets of the game and made it clear that they're not here just ++to have fun: They are clear contenders for the World Cup title, and they have shown that they are a hard team to beat.

The match begun really well for Spain, who kept pushing the German defense, and had two beautiful chances to go ahead on the score early on. The first sign that Spain was going to play without any fear against the Germans was clear early on, after Nahikari's counter, the Real Sociedad striker had a good chance to take the lead for Spain only four minutes in.

Spain had gone strong and was controlling the ball from minute one. Germany was aggressive in the field, but their physical superiority was counteracted by the Spanish based on intensity and rhythm.

On the 14th minute, the clearest opportunity for Spain appeared: A great pass from Jenni Hermoso to Nahikari that the Basque missed when the goal was almost clear. At that point, Spain was trying to find the goal, with Germany just looking for the best chance to counterattack. A shot in the edge of the area by Meseguer was the second chance for the Spanish side in the match, but it was too far to the right of the German goal.

It is true that Germany left a terrible sense of danger every time they touched the ball, but Spain's defense was up to the challenge, with goalkeeper Sandra Paños proving why she's Spain's guardian angel. On minute 26th minute, she pulled out a miraculous hand to stop Schweers, and just a couple minutes later, she easily stopped a soft shot from Huth, after she tried to avoid Spain's defense in a dangerous counterattack.

The public enjoyed a duel between two very grown teams, who treat the ball well and who did not renounce the attack, fighting one on one without contemplation.

It was when the rain was gone, when the goal came (It seems it liked the sun). Just a few minutes before half time, a break on the right side from Huth was picked up by Popp, and later, Däbritz didn't hesitate to score the 1-0, on a surprise goal (The ball was basically on the line) against Spain, and Paños could only watch the ball go inside.

The second half? It was a little bit boring, not gonna lie.

A couple chances from both sides, with Germany this time showing more superiority, the same Spain had at the beginning of the match. What could have happened if Spain had scored two goals in the firs half? Probably? Win, I guess (dah).

The Germans had the second goal on target on a great occasion of Däbritz after finishing off a corner kick that Paños stopped with quite difficulties. Once again, Germany tried to score on a great opportunity from Magull, which went to the left of Cloths licking the post.

And finally, in the 89th minute, it was Spain's turn to cause some commotion (They didn't), where Nahikari called for a penalty (Ref... IT WAS A F****** PENALTY!), but the penalty was never checked by VAR (Stands for Violent American Rivals. Ringing any bells?). In the end, Spain tried and gave its best, but couldn't beat Germany's wall.

After this result, Germany goes into 1st place, and Spain into 2nd in Group B, after previously wining with a 3-1 victory against South Africa, and now the defeat against Germany, in the absence of the clash between South Africa and China this Thursday. Still, Spain has a lot to show us, and it't for sure they are going to go 125% to their next match and make it into the next stage.

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