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Yes, it will be Oscar nominated. After all, it is a Tarantino movie. A bad Tarantino’s day is equal to any standard director's masterpiece. But. It is not a great movie.

Al Pacino: He was just passing by with a fake wig talking like a mafia guy from Little Italy in an unnecessary role.

Brad Pitt: Surprisingly good, and full of wrinkles, which is a first. Nominated?, Sure. Awarded? Most probably.His scenes are the best of the movie and his character is well drawn. Of course the guy killed his wife just because, but who cares?

Leonardo Di Caprio: Along the film he swears, cries, smokes, spits, drinks, and is nasty in general. Therefore, Nominated? Sure. Awarded? Naaaahhhh.

Margaret Qualley : Great. Beautiful, intense, The best female interpretation in the film.Nominated for sure and most probably awarded.

Margot Robbie: She does her best in a dull empty role. Not her fault. Sharon Tate deserved better.

Luke Perry. Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Joanna Pettet, Michael Madsen, Damian Lewis...Always a pleasure and a luxury.

Soundtrack:. Amazing, together with the design and the photography.

Script. Nothing remarkable, dialogue lines really plain. Amazing considering Tarantino is one of the best screenwriters in cinema right now.

Direction: The movie is a puzzle with three or four different movies in it. We have Brad Pitt‘ story about his own life, funny and interested. We have Brad Pitt‘ story interacting with Charles Mason‘ s family, the best part of the film, with a visit to their ranch that is a 5 minute masterpiece. We have Margot Robbie‘ story which is a waste of talent. Then we have a short interaction with Julia Butters and Mike Moh as Bruce Lee, really funny and well interpreted. And we have Leo‘ story, which you could happily split from the rest of movie without remorse. Tarantino loves Hollywood, movies and television, so it is obvious he did enjoy doing a parallel long and slow western, but again doesn't fit with the rest of the movie.

And then we have the Tarantino version of Sharon Tate’s murders. But what worked in “ Inglorious Bastards” doesn't work here at all.

IF you love cinema you are going to love the film just for all the references. And yes, it is a huge topic but it is true, it is a love letter to 60’ s Hollywood. BUT, what if you are NOT an expert?

SO. It is a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs. It has really great parts and really bad parts. But it is still Tarantino. Just don't expect too much.

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