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Express Review Of The Lion King


It is the first time that I have seen a live action movie from Disney. I don’t see the point, for me there is a special kind of magic in animation, magic which simply can’t be replaced by real people. I was watching The Lion King and the beginning was ok, all goosebumps with the Circle of Life and all that. Then we have an introduction to a dumb Simba getting in trouble and going voluntarily to a dark, dark place, where we see horrible and scary hyenas going around. Mufasa saves him and they have a mumble jumble chat about life and all of that, with general shots that lend you to believe that you are watching a National Geographic programme.

Once we realise Simba is very fond of his uncle, who looks quite terrifying (an early Tarantino?) it's easy for Scar to leave him alone in a pass, where wildebeest run for their lives in a stampede. John Oliver plus Scar go to alert Mufasa and in the meantime wildebeest keep running . Mufasa arrives and saves his cub, but wildebeest stampede hurts him badly (BTW how many wildebeest were in this pass? 20.000? ), and Scar takes advantage of the situation killing his own brother,therefore traumatasing a whole generation who never heard about Bambi’s mother. All of this with the score of Hans Zimmer remaining “The Omen“VSO.

Simba runs away and goes to the dessert, where he is about to die surrounded by vultures, who however wait politely until Timon and Pumbaa arrive a whole minute later to save him. Hakuna Matata and all of that.

They teach Simba to be positive and introduce him into the macrobiotic diet. Finally he grows. Meanwhile, Nala, who always sounds as if wondering when she will have a ring on her, escapes to find help. She finds Simba but he refuses to go, as he feels guilty of killing his father. Then the foreign monkey, who finds Simba thanks to a piece of shit , convinces him otherwise really faaast and they run to recover his kingdom.

Scar meanwhile tries to marry Simba’s mother, and you think, “Ok!! I know that one, that’s Hamlet!!” But she refuses and you think “Opps” but then Simba appears and they fight and there is a fire which destroys the entire ecosystem which doesn’t matter anyway because thanks to Scar it was completely rubbish already. And then Simba forgives Scar who falls down as Mufasa did but however he doesn’t die, but the hienas kill him traumatising again the remaining children.

Fade in and the ecosystem is restored and flamboyant and the foreigner monkey presents the new cub who will be king, the circle of life and all of that. And yes, it is exhausting and it doesn’t make sense, in an animated movie that doesn’t matter, everything is perfect, acceptable and funny. However with the live action the fantasy is more difficultly maintained, so it doesn’t work so well.

It is as good as the animation movie? No. Is it a bad movie? Not at all. It is still entertaining. And it is very meritorious to have all these animals in Africa acting and singing without any mistake, we must keep that in mind, shouldn’t we?

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