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Go And Watch A Film! It's 2019!

It's already been out for a long time, but undoubtedly, the biggest film event of 2019 has been Avengers: Endgame (Farewell Mr Purple guy, farewell Ton... Oh, f****! Spoiler!). However, the film industry still has many films to be released that may be of interest to all. Especially now, during the summer. So, what better thing to do than to go and watch a film? JUST DO IT!

Here is a beautiful selection of the 12 most anticipated films of 2019. Let's go for it:

1. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (June 7, 2019)

At number one, we have the movie that Rotten Tomatoes has the most love for, X-Men: Dark Phoenix a.k.a 23% f****** superhero movie.

I haven't seen it myself but the reviews suggest that it's the biggest disappointment of the year (Where's Deadpool when we need him?). In general terms, you can still go watch it, but, if you're a hardcore fan of the Marvel Universe and the X-Men, well...

The closest thing I can say is that it'll be as disappointing as the Game of Thrones finale (I really loved it, made sense and all... Don't kill me!). Anyways, if you haven't watched it either, go watch it, just to see if it's as disappointing as they say it is. Is it worth it? No. Am I still gonna watch it? F**** yeah!

2. Men in Black International (June 14, 2019)

Our number two of this list is a promising one. Our favourite Marvel duo Valkyrie and Thor are back for more action. What? This is not Marvel?

That's right! Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson star as Agent H and Agent M in the new installment of the "MIB" franchise (Stands for My Internet Business, b****!) This new film has the hard mission of demonstrating that the Men In Black saga can survive without the direct intervention of Will Smith (a.k.a The Genie of Be lair) as a protagonist. Will it accomplish the goal? Fingers crossed.

3. Child's Play (June 21, 2019)

What can I say? I'm already s****** my pants and I haven't even started. It's the reboot of our favorite toy: Wood... I mean, Chucky, the Diabolical Doll. It will have the voice of Mark Hamill and each new trailer fills us with more uncertainty about whether it will be up to the original movies. If you like horror films, this one is a must watch movie on your list, not in mine.

4. Toy Story 4 (June 21, 2019)

Nostalgia is in the air... The toys are back! But not Chucky kind of toys, the ones that we all watched and loved when we were kids: Woody, Buzz Light-year and Co. are back for the last time it seems.

In this new story, Woody, Buzz Light-year and the rest of the gang embark on a road trip with Bonnie and a new and mysterious toy named Forky. The adventurous journey turns into an unexpected reunion as Woody's slight detour leads him to his long-lost friend Bo Peep. As Woody and Bo discuss the old days, they soon start to realize that they're worlds apart when it comes to what they want from life as a toy. It looks like the final installment is going to be an exciting and nostalgic movie that everyone who has seen the franchise before cannot miss.

5. Spider-Man: Far From Home (July 2, 2019)

The new Iron Man is here! Clearly, those who have seen and loved the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Avengers: Endgame will be first in the cinema to watch the first post-Thanos installment in the MCU. Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the official closure of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it seems that they will raise the game to a new and complex level that interconnects "EVERYTHING".

A future Fortnite movie with Drax, Groot and Thor just having some fun? Or finally the inclusion of Deadpool Pikachu in the Marvel Universe?

6. The Lion King (July 19, 2019)

Jon Favreau, the author of the birth of the MCU. The only one who has adapted a legendary Live Action version of Disney, with The Jungle Book, has the hard mission of maintaining his legacy and reinterpreting one of the most beloved classics the animated mouse company has brought to us.

The Lion King once again looks like a movie no one can forget to put in their calendars. What a wonderful time to be alive, Hakuna Matata!

7. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (July 26, 2019)

The new movie by Quentin Tarantino it does not have impressive digital effects, nor its theme is relative to the nerd or the geek, but any premiere of a film of his is reason ensugh to generate a lot of noise, controversy and aim to become cult material for the current pop culture.

So, with that said, you know what to do now.

8. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (August 2, 2019)

One of the greatest franchises in film history is back! The men who love cars would know about it (I don't have a car). So many movies I lost count. Cars, inexhaustible source of absurdities, action and high technology. That's all that needs to be said. Clearly, James Bond has a new competition to deal with.

9. IT Chapter Two (September 6, 2019)

The first part of this remake movie against all odds became immensely popular. The adaptation work was exemplary and they managed to make a story that has been scaring the shit out of people for decades even scarier.

The trailer of its sequel promises even more scares and legendary moments taken from the pages of Stephen King's legendary book. So, if you don't like clowns, well...

Don't recommend i... Hell yeah! Go and watch it! It's 2019!

10. Joker (October 4, 2019)

DC, is that you?

After the terrible disappointment that Suicide Squad was, this Todd Phillips take on the Joker promises to tell us a story of the peculiar origin from the craziest crime clown of all time. And it looks like there are a lot of winks at The King of Comedy and Taxi Driver.

Thanks to this and to the stellar presence of Joaquin Phoenix as the main man, has made "The Joker" become one of the most anticipated films of the year.

11. Gemini Man (October 4, 2019)

Will Smith vs. Will Smith. That's everything I need to say.

12. Zombie Land: Double Tap (October 11, 2019)

There's no trailer, no poster, no extensive plot details (What the f****?). There's nothing. But, it will be released just 10 years after the premiere of the first film.

The original cast returns with Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin, so it should be good. What else can I say? Who wouldn't love a Zombie apocalypse next door?

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