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He's Coming Home! He's Coming Home!

Neymar is coming home?

Yes! It's real, or at least that's what Spanish sports radio RAC1 is trying to sell us all.

To me, it is exciting for sure. It looks like FC Barcelona and PSG have started talks to carry out one of the operations that can give a lot to talk about in the next transfer market.

According to journalist Gerard Romero at RAC1, Barcelona would be negotiating the return of one of his most famous former stars, Neymar Jr., who has not hidden his desire to return to the Camp Nou. But, it seems he'll come at a high price, with French youngster Ousmane Dembélé possibly being included in a swapping operation.

Neither one has fully adapted to their current teams, with both the Brazilian striker in Paris, and the French winger in Barcelona having very irregular performances in the last two seasons.

Neymar's discomfort at PSG has always been public and notorious. The Parisian club paid his 222 million clause in full, making him the most expensive signing in football's history, although at time of writing it doesn't seem like the investment has paid off.

With Neymar's loss, Barcelona decided to incorporate Ousmane Dembélé for 105 million euros plus 40 million in possible variables. Dembélé, who was only 20 years old, arrived at Barcelona after a triumphant single season in Borussia Dortmund under the command of Thomas Tuchel, current PSG coach. The German,therefore, knows first hand about the French striker's abilities and how to maximize them under a system that fits him allong side his friend Kylian Mbappé.

In two seasons at Barcelona Dembele has seen his progression slow down. In the past year, the Frenchman spent four months out due to having surgery in the tendon of his femoral bicep and other different muscular injuries have condemned him to not play as much as expected. He has not been able to play in the transcendental games of the season. In parallel, the club had to take action due to the indifference and disciplinary offences he committed at the start of the season.

Neymar (27 years old), the most expensive player in history, is clearly not at home in Paris, nor Dembélé (22 years old), the third most expensive player behind Coutinho, is living a fairy tale in Barcelona.

Where money is concerned, a swap between the players could make a lot of sense, relaunching their two careers. The conversations revealed by RAC1 could heavily fall within the framework of logic. So far, FC Barcelona has not confirmed or denied negotiations with PSG and the Brazilian winger.

But, let's remember that these are conversations that have only just begun and do not suggest that it could be an easy operation. Neymar could play in favour of Barcelona's interests, since on more than one occasion he has remembered how good his time in the Camp Nou dressing room and the friends he has in the catalan side. On the other hand, Ousmane Dembélé could like to sign for PSG and join his former coach Thomas Tuchel as well as his friend Kylian Mbappé.

In any case, relations between Barcelona and PSG have always been difficult, and that is why Neymar's attitude and commitment to this operation will be of great importance. We'll have to wait and see how this rumour develops throughout the summer.

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