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How Is It Like To Be A High School Boy? "Daily Lives of High School Boys", The Watch Anime Review

What do high school boys do when they get bored? Do they just study? Nah! Do they just play crazy games with their friends? Maybe. Or do they perhaps like to wear the clothes of some friend's sister? Oh, well...

The answers to all these questions are in this anime: "Daily Lives Of High School Boys", an anime that shows us the type of characters that Japanese people call "criminals"(They love them anyways), although, in reality, they're simply some young shameless guys who just love to make a little bit of noise and go against the rules. Sorry guys, but, don't expect them to attack anyone or steal a wallet from a poor old woman. THEY HAVE MANNERS, OK!?

This anime narrates the lifes of Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake, who are three students at Sanada North High School, an only-boys school. The three boys, along with other mates from the same school, spend their time messing around, telling crazy and spooky stories, or just simply making plans to get a girlfriend (Always a classic!). In summary, they are the daily lifes of some high school kiddos, who mainly spend their days trying to have fun. WAIT! REALLY? THAT'S IT?

What else did you expected from this anime? Action, romance, robots... Nah, fam! If you are going to watch this anime you need to be ready for one word: "Daily". Daily action, daily romance... Daily robots? That's what this anime offers you. Everything, but "daily" style.

"Daily Lives of High School Boys" is pure comedy, and anyone who has seen it cannot deny that fact (ME!). DLHB (the acronym for... Do I really need to say? Just guess, Sherlock) is "exaggerated" to the maximum to amuse the audience, and almost mock all other anime genres in the anime panorama. In each episode, some ridiculous situation happens, sothe laughs are assured... WHAT!? Why are you not smiling? You can't? What the f*** is your problem!? GET A DOCTOR!

The plot is full of the most random events possible, with each chapter being composed of mini-episodes, which usually aren't consecutive to each other. Some of them were really good, they even made me cry... with laughter, but there were others which were just too slow, "not bad" just so you know, but... (There's always a "but") they didn't fill me with a good laugh as much as the others.

In the first episode, we can see how the main characters play to disguise as a woman, and the consequences of doing so with the clothes of... THE YOUNGER SISTER OF ONE OF THEM!? FBI! OPEN UP THE F***** DOOR!

The anime's best part is... THE CHARACTERS! They are all very well achieved, both main and secondary characters. I was pleased to see that each of the main characters in Danshi Koukousei (Japanese name of the anime, dah) have distinct personalities of their own and don’t always need to function as a group in order to evoke the laughs. Tadakuni is the straight man of the trio but also works part-time at a pizza restaurant, which several of the comedy sketches are centred around. Hidenori, the one most likely to get the group into trouble, gets himself unintentionally involved with the over-imaginative Literature Girl, another staple sketch of the series, while the laid-back Yoshitake tends to just go along with whatever his friends are planning, but also has to deal with his incredibly violent older sister. There are a ton of colourful side-characters as well, an excellent mix of both boys and girls who add a lot of variety to what would otherwise probably be a rather plain and plodding title.

If you ask me which was my favourite character, I will tell you it's probably Hidenori. The guy with glasses was completely spot on, he was so hilarious it made everything much better. His performance as Jack in episode 9 is too good (Just go and watch it on YouTube).

Ok... Now, let's focus on other points of the anime. You know, the stuff (image, music and... Is there something else?): On one hand, the music in DLHB... I really liked the opening and ending of it. They were fantastic and I must admit that during the days I saw the series (Just one day it took me. All in a row!), I hummed the songs many times without realising it. Too catchy!

On the other hand, the set design is simple, but it was according to how the series works, that's why I didn't judge it much. So, don't expect a masterpiece, alright? What I probably liked most about the anime art design were the characters faces.

Undoubtedly, DLHB knew how to play humour very well with simple situations in life, it is an excellent comedy to turn off the brain and just have fun.

To wrap things up, I'd say definitely give this show a go. Still, if you don't like the first episode you probably won't like the rest of the show (Just go watch episode 1 and 9 on YouTube! For F*** Shake!). However, it's definitely worth giving this show a shot. It's funny, witty (and cheeky), and it doesn't shy away from anything. Not to mention, it's very easy to watch (and very difficult to stop watching. This is all at your own risk). So, if you're a little bit goofy, a pervert or just someone bored of the daily life, this anime is clearly for you, my friend! Also, if you like it, look forward to the second season that they confirmed in the last episode... (7 YEARS AGO!?)

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