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Is The Dybala-Lukaku Swap Deal A Win/Win For Juventus & Man Utd?

Is this even real!? How is this even a possibility!? Really... Football is totally crazy these days!!

Manchester United is finally investing their money in good, young, and talented players?? ALLELUIA!! It has been a while since there were rumours surrounding a possible Paulo Dybala a.k.a La Perla a.k.a "How the f*** is he not playing well alongside Ronaldo and Messi respectively" exit but, once again, they've come back, to the point there could be a possible exit at the end of this transfer tunnel.

Recently, Mauricio Pochettino decided to offer £50 million for his Argentinian comrade, but, it didn't go down well as the offer was rejected by the Turin side. I guess Tottenham will need to stick with Lo Celso then. It's just that Tottenham don't have a chance against the almighty "money spending" club, Manchester United, who has appeared as the likeliest destination for the Argentinian.

That's right! No one was expecting this to happen, but... It seems it's happening, OK? Somehow, Juventus' new coach, Mauricio Sarri a.k.a "the human chimney", has shown interest in signing Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku, who's not quite settled at Old Trafford; a similar situation to the one Dybala has been living in since Cristiano Ronaldo showed up last season. Time for a swap deal I guess (Plus £20 million for the convenience). So, with all the introductions made, who wins in what could be the most shocking, unpredictable, and greatest signing (for United) this season?

I could just stand here and say "Yes, Juventus is making a great deal here; they're getting a nice back-up for Ronaldo and they're selling a player that is not doing well for the Turin club anymore". Yes; I could say that, but, that's not what I think. How is it possible that you're getting rid of a player that has played 182 games, scored 78 and assisted 30 with a guy that in two seasons has played 96 games, scored 42 and assisted 13? And Lukaku is one year older than Dybala? HOW!?

I'll be honest: It's pretty clear who wins in this deal. Juventus because they make cash to buy Chiesa from Fiorentina? Probably! But, that's not the right answer. It's true that Lukaku could be a nice back-up for Ronaldo, but he'll be an even nicer bench-warmer, next to Sarri, with Mario Mandzukic and... Higuain ahead of him in the pecking order? Oh, well... I guess the Belgian won't not have it that hard to start next season. But the real winner of this swap deal is Manchester United (and Dybala, of course).

If the transfer finally occurs, it would be a great surprise for all Manchester United fans, who have been waiting for another top signing for a long time, in order to compete with the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool. With the 25-year-old, Man Utd could become a complete strike force; a dangerous hazard for all opposition defences. But, how would the Argentinian fit in Ole's scheme next season?

Dybala has proven in the past that he has the necessary attributes to unlock the hardest defences (Could he be Van Dijk's kryptonite next season?). Firstly, the Argentine could potentially play in the No.10 role for United, behind Marcus Rashford with Anthony Martial and Daniel James out wide. If that's the case, Paul Pogba could drop into a deeper midfield role (if he doesn't go to Madrid this season). Dybala has preferred to play centrally before, however, he was forced to change roles, in order to accommodate Mr. Portugal at Juve.

That's not the only alternative Ole could have for Dybala: On the right? That's right! (See the joke there?) The Argentine has the ability to cut in from the right with his left foot. That's why he could form part of an impressive front three with Rashford playing down the middle and Anthony Martial out on the left. This was a system often preferred by good ol' Ole last season, keeping Pogba in a midfield three (if he doesn't go to Madrid this season). Finally,another option could be a front two with Dybala and Rashford. Who needs Lukaku when you have Rashford?

Nothing it's official yet, however, so don't start getting excited Man Utd fans... There's still work to do. With only 9 days to go until the window closes, Ed Woodward & Ole still want two more signings: Harry Maguire (WHY? I ALREADY TOLD YOU... WHY!?), and... Bruno Fernandes, both at the top of Solskjaer's wish list. Will either of them end the summer at Old Trafford? Will Dybala arrive to Manchester, land of rainy days? Only time (Cough... MONEY) will tell.

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