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Is Netflix's 'The Witcher' The New "Game of Thrones"?

What just happened? Is HBO really lacking ideas? Is Netflix gonna surpass 'GOT's' legacy with the new upcoming 'The Witcher'? Or will "our dear Jeff" overcome these two "TV & Chill" giants and win the "Streaming Throne" with Amazon's new 'Lord of The Rings' series adaptation?

While the 'Game of Thrones' formula seems to be running out for HBO, it looks like their streaming rivals, Netflix, have found the key for a successful successor for the acclaimed HBO fantasy franchise.

Just like HBO's "I hated the final season" drama, 'The Witcher is based on a series of novels that combines the topical fantasy elements such as magical creatures, prophecies and a medieval setting with the kind of in-depth character exploration you'd expect from a gritty drama. Who didn't love Tyrion in 'GOT'?

The novel series were written by Andrzej Spakowski, and they focus on the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who travels The Continent (The North, who?) and often finds himself caught up in political intrigue and moral debates, despite his best efforts to avoid them. Monsters, elves, emperors, kings, witches and evil sorcerers will appear as well. Sounds like a good contender for John Snow and the lands of Westeros, right? Or does it sound more like 'TLOTR' to you, Jeff?

So far, we don't know much about the TV series, however, what we do know is that it will be based on the books and Geralt’s character will be inspired by the iconic look CD Projekt RED gave him in the video games.

Netflix, and Lauren Hissrich, the woman behind the adaptation's script to the big screen, revealed a few months back the cast of actors/actresses that will join Henry Cavill (portraying Geralt of Rivia) in this next fantasy series, and, oh boy! Freya Allan (War of the Worlds ) will be Princess Cirilla de Cintra, known as Ciri, the female protagonist of this story; Anya Chalotra (Wanderlust) will be the enchantress Yennefer of Vengerberg; Jodhi May (The last Mohican) will play Queen Calanthe; Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson (Fortitude) will be her husband, King Eist; Adam Levy (Snatch) will be Druid Mousesack; Myanna Buring (Downton Abbey) will be Tissaia, the director of Aretuza Magic Academy; Millie Brady (The Last Kingdom) will play Princess Renfri, and finally, Mimi Ndiweni (Rellik) and Therica Wilson-Read (Suicide Club) as Fringilla and Sabrina respectively, two rookie sorceresses. Of course, this could be a big hit like 'GOT', so don't feel strange to maybe see Matt LeBlanc playing Gaunter O'Dim or even Mike Myers as Madame Sasha.

Moreover, the video games based on this novels have been a great success, with the third instalment, 'Wild Hunt', selling six million copies in only 6 weeks (HOLY S***!!). So, yeah... THIS IS A BIG F****** DEAL, OK!? (It's not strange to see Netflix going "all out" for this one)

Oh yeah! Almost forgot: The novels on which the series are going to be based are completely "finito" (Take that, George R.R. Martin), so... You cannot be disappointed, 'GOT' fans! (Sarcasm level over 1000) Now seriously: You won't be disappointed. Seriously!

OK, OK... No one can deny that the award-winning Game of Thrones was unmatched in earlier seasons, but ultimately, it just couldn't live up to the expectations it created amongst its once-passionate fan-base. Clearly, there's a vacuum in mainstream television that Netflix's new fantasy adaptation is perfectly well-equipped to fill. Magic can only be beaten with magic. So...

As they say in The North "Watch out! The Witcher is coming". (Jeff... HURRY UP, MAN!! THEY'RE LEAVING YOU BEHIND!!)

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