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It's Not Coming Home! (Not Even Close)

England and Sweden faced each other today, 6th of July, in an epic clash of this Women's World Cup. The objective? The 3rd place; A bronze medal. Sadly England couldn't do anything against the Swedish and lost, so... That didn't go as planned.

The Lionesses and the Swedish warriors played today in the penultimate game of this World Cup tournament: The 3rd place match! Wow! This is amazing!. Sadly, both teams played this game because they couldn't reach their dream this year, after losing to the USA and The Netherlands in the semifinals.

England, who had done superbly well in all matches so far, showing a great display of footballing skill, lost 2 back-to-back games for the first time in their history (2-1), making the English girls exit the World Cup through the the back door... But a really, really, really far door do you understand!? REALLY FAR!

A game that was completely dominated by the Swedish side, who could have been in the final now if it wasn't for Groenen's killer goal that gave the Dutch the ticket to the final instead of them.

The first match between both European sides in a Women's World Cup was a nice show to watch (if you're not from England of course). It seemed England was the favourite for the game, but, no one knows this little fact: Sweden has lost only 2 games against them of their last 17 against the English in all competitions (11 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses).

England started in bad shape, especially after having lost against the USA and not having Millie Brighton in the team, who was shown a red card in her previous game. On the other hand, Sweden was superb on defense and, of course, in the attack as well: Just 11 minutes in, Kosovare Asllani gave her team the lead after England's defense created the perfect assist for their rival. A great cross into the box by Rolfo was cleared by Alex Greenwood INTO THE F***** OPPONENT'S PATH! Asllani just needed to take a quick touch before hitting the post and scoring the goal, which completely beat a very surprised Telford. GOOOAAALLL! 1-0!

But, the nightmare wasn't over... THERE'S STILL MORE!? NOOOOOO!

Sweden kept pressing England, who, for some reason, was lacking the strength shown in the early stages of the tournament. On the 16th minute, Swedish striker Jakobssonput the 2-0 on the scoreline. A long pass over the top caught the English women completely by surprise and Jakobsson found herself one-on-one with Telford, who, thank God stopped the ball.

That didn't matter because they scored the 2nd just a few minutes later.

After missing a great chance, Sofia Jakobsson this time completely finished the play and scored the 2nd goal for Sweden. England was already 2-0 behind after just 22 minutes against Sweden, the earliest they've even been two goals down in a Women's World Cup match. Jakobsson played a beautiful one-two with her teammate Blackstenius and she drifted perfectly to the edge of the box, shooting a low curled ball that passed through Houghton and Telford into the back of the net. GOOOAAALLL! 2-0!

The match was already sealed, but England, who have strong pride, persisted on turning the score around and, in the end, win the game. The idea was good, and the dream of that hypothetical comeback came on the 31st minute from the feet of Fran Kirby (My favourite Nintendo character), who scored the first (and last) goal of the game for the Lionesses.

The chances kept accumulating for both teams from that point until the end of the match. In the end, Sweden were the victors and the ones who got the bronze medal after beating England 2-1. They were clearly superior and they knew how to capitalize on England's slow start. It's true that White got a goal cancelled again (Hi. It's me, VAR) and Bronze had a great chance in the final minutes of the game... But that's football, ladies and gentleman. That's football for you all.

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