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MCU In The Anime World!? "Boku No Hero Academia", The Watch Anime Review

No, no, no!!! THIS IS 'BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA' REVIEW... NOT 'BOKU NO PICO' ONE!!! (Don't search for the last one I mentioned, OK!? For your own safety) With that being said, what would happen if you mixed the MCU with the beautiful world of anime? BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA, GUYS!!

Great anime series like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and even Full Metal Alchemist have accompanied many throughout their lives. However, we cannot underestimate the new generation of shonen on the rise, since they show the same potential as the classics already mentioned. Today, I come to talk about 'Boku No Hero Academia', also known as 'My Hero Academia', an anime based on the acclaimed manga created by Kohei Horikoshi.

The plot, which may seem simple at first, allows the development of the characters and different situations, it will make you laugh your head off as well as cry like a baby. But, what is 'Boku No Hero Academia' about? And why is it so f****** good!?

In a world in which 80% of the population has super powers, and in which there are both heroes and villains, peace reigns in the world thanks to a charismatic superhero. Among all these supers, however, there's also regular people with no powers, and our main protagonist is one of those few without powers. Izuku Midoriya, a young boy who dreams of becoming a hero as great 'All Might' (the charismatic guy I just mentioned a few lines back) .

One day, Midoriya finds himself face to face with All Might who, after seeing Midoriya's determination, asks the boy to be the heir of his powerful quirk (That's the name given to the superpowers. It's just like the "Peter-Tingle" in 'Spider-man: Far From Home'). From that moment on, Midoriya studies/trains in the prestigious U.A. High School, where he meets other superhero novices, and he learns how to control his new powers, as well as facing the real villains that want total chaos in the world.

I know, I know... (OK, I don't know if you're an anime expert or not) As in many series of this style, the main guy starts from the bottom, having to face many challenges in order to achieve his dream goals, and in the end, achieving them. Just like Luffy trying to get the One Piece (By now, he could have got it. Cough, Luffy's fault for not listening to Usopp). Anyway, I honestly like Izuku so much, especially since Horikoshi isn't afraid to put our favourite "Green-Hair Naruto" in the most difficult situations possible (I'M NOT SAYING ANY SPOILERS, OK!?).

Another positive point of this anime is its design and the personalities of each secondary character that appears in the show. They're absolutely brilliant! (Especially, Aizawa-sensei sleeping while teaching future heroes. Clearly, a professional superhero teacher in all senses!)

At all times, you can tell they're part of the story, they are not only there to highlight the audacity and charisma of the "main guy". Nah, at the beginning it's basically like "Who gives a s*** about the main guy?". Characters like Todoroki (Half ice, half fire hero? AMAZING POWER!), Bakugo (The main protagonist's rival; he's such an ash**** to Midoriya... But the guy is AWESOMEEE!!!), Iida (My man!), and of course, All Might (The best hero around, just like Saitama... Read 'One Punch's' review here) are very good examples, standing out for their strong personality and clear goals in life (ALL I WANT IS TO BE A FAMOUS PIZZA SUPERHERO!! PIZZAAA... BEAM!!).

The strength of such a well-developed cast makes for a story that pulls you in and doesn’t let go. The hints at a budding romance between Uraraka (Deku's friend) and Deku is adorable, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out in the future. Additionally, Deku’s struggle to prove himself and gain the respect of Katsuki Bakugo, despite his peer’s unrelenting hatred towards Deku, makes for some really great moments of tension-filled drama, fuelled by a rivalry that extends back to when they were children. But, this anime is not all about heroes, you know? What about the antagonists of this story? (a.k.a the villains, dah!)

From the weakest to the top, they all are a real threat to the heroes and their world. There's no mediocre bad people who badly attack a mini hero with a knife (Cough... Hero Killer Stain?). Like our protagonists, the villains also fight to achieve their own "very honourable" goal: Defeating the ultimate hero, the most powerful, the almighty... 'All Might' ladies and gentlemen (A very honourable goal indeed). Also, I don't want to talk too much about them; I don't want to spoil anything, but... There's a villain that is exactly like Deadpool (MCU in Boku No Hero's universe confirmed?). That's all I can say... Cough, there's a guy that is as powerful as Thanos, OK!? (Stop making me spill the beans, guys)

'My Hero Academia' consists of three amazing seasons, with a total of 63 episodes, 3 OVAs and one movie (With a 4th season coming on October 2019 as well as a 2nd movie same dates). The series was produced by 'Studio Bones', producer of Full Metal Alchemist (One day... I will review it), Noragami (Amazing anime) and Soul Eater (Never seen it... But heard great things about it). Clearly, its animation is very good, standing out above all for the quality in epic battles as well as simplifying a bit in the more relaxed acomedic scenes. That's exactly what Boku No Hero has to offer.

Moreover, the soundtrack is outstanding! Created by the Japanese Yuki Hayashi, considered a revelation composer for most of his works such as 'Haikyuu!!' (Go read the review here) and for the songs in the movie 'One Piece Film: Gold'. The openings (Something every anime should have) are also amazing... So good, I learnt the lyrics of every single one of them (5 in total).

So, I don't know why you are still here. If you like Marvel, DC, any superhero movie, comics, anime, or you have some weird fetish dressing as 'Batman' while "doing it"... STOP READING ME AND START WATCHING!!! THIS ANIME IT'S CLEARLY FOR YOU!!! I mean it, there is no other reason for you to continue checking this, guys! Really! This show is pure gold! Probably, the best show I have watched, and I've seen a lot. So, I hope it gets more episodes than Naruto and One Piece in the future. A hard task (I know), but who knows. With all that said: Plus... ULTRAAA!!!

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