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Mr. Portugal Strikes Again!

It's international break, and ladies and gentleman: HE'S BACK!

On Wednesday 5th July, the Nations League semis started with an interesting duel between Portugal and Switzerland, full of controversy (VAR, man! Stick together!). Still, a man appeared to solve all the problems: Mr Portugal!

That's right! Portugal are in their first final of the Nations League Cup as there was no Cup before. Lame! The Portuguese side won 3-1, thanks to the magical hat-trick of this Portuguese superhero. But, who am I talking about? (Haven't you notice already? It's obvious. Just think a little... Jesus Christ!)

Cristiano Ronaldo (It was Cristiano). Considered one of the best players in the world (behind Messi, always behind him), he returned to action and showed why he is a five time Ballon D'or winner.

The Portuguese superstar, who hadn't scored with Portugal since the last World Cup in Russia, not only gave his country the pass to the final of the new European competition, but he did it in a big way, with a beautiful hat-trick, the 7th that he achieves with the national team and number "53" of his footballing career.

Now, let's get to the point: How did he score the hat-trick?

To start, the Juventus striker made it simple with a simple shot, placing the ball to the left post of Sommer's goal, who could do nothing to stop it. Then came the second goal of the game, but for Switzerland, tying the match 1-1, thanks to a penalty indicated by VAR that Rodriguez converted.

However, Super Portugal was there to save the day: The second goal for him came around the 90th minute of the match. Bernardo Silva controlled a long pass at the edge of the area and passed to Cristiano, who finished with power, straining a low ball through the goalkeeper's left post (He really likes the left post).

The third and final goal of his hat-trick arrived almost immediately after. With a broken Switzerland, Portugal took advantage of a counter and Cristiano once again, received on the edge of the area, faced a rival defender with a bicycle and finally, placed the ball by the same post where he scored the other two goals.

Thanks to Mr Portugal a.k.a Penaldo a.k.a Cristianito Ronaldo, Portugal will play the final of the League of Nations after beating Switzerland in style. Now, Portugal will face the winner of the Netherlands-England, which will be an epic clash to watch (Maybe I'll go for Netflix instead).

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