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NANI!? I Have Become A slime!? NOOOO! "Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken", The Watch Anime Review

What happens when an office worker, almost in his 40s, who's a good character and full of common sense, is transported to a fantasy world where he is turned into an almost almighty monster after being stabbed by some random guy in the street? Well... Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken gives the answer to that question and more (the anime is also known as 'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a slime).

This anime is one of the many the "Isekai" genre has created, and that's why I'm here to recommend it. THANK YOU, JAPAN! You're making my job easi... But, wait: What exactly does"Isekai" mean? Isekai is Japanese for "another world", meaning the main character is a human from the real world (Which one? The Earth, dah), usually a teenager, who travels or gets reincarnated into a fantasy or video game world 99.9% of the time (With hot girls 99.9% of the time as well? Erm... It's Waluigi in there? Yes... ALLELUIA!). So, how should I start explaining this?

One day, Satoru Mikami, 37 years old (age is important, ok?), an ordinary office worker who lives in Tokyo, who has no girlfriend, and who has no important commitments at all, saves the life of another ordinary office worker, Tamura, his mate (not really his best mate I must say), after a random thief tried to steal some money from Tamura and "his girlfriend", but, in the end, the one who got stabbed was Satoru. Of course, Satoru died on the spot (The guy was bleeding too much, man). And that's it: The end! The end? Jodandesu! (I'm joking!)

Satoru is too important, man, and, obviously, his story doesn't end there. Somehow, when his last thoughts are leaving his human body, a strange and mysterious entity is configuring his arrival to a new body, reincarnating in a completely different and unexpected world. His new body, however, isn't what he might have hoped for. A slime? Really man? Are you f***** kidding me!?

To his surprise, Satoru will wake up again from the sweet "DEATH" dream, fully aware of his previous life, but now as a slime, just like the classic video game monster of Dragon Quest (Erm... I should do a review about the new game). Even if he was going to die just to die a few hours ago, the guy doesn't give a f*** and full of optimism starts his journey in a new world. But he took it to the extreme, so extreme that he even changes his name. WTF!?

His new name? Tempest, Rimuru Tempest, MOTHER F*****! Named after a very famous dragon. A dragon? Where did this come from? (No spoilers... OK!?) Meanwhile, Rimuru sets out to explore this new world (riding a unicorn dog... ok), in which he will undo wrongs of all kinds thanks to his peculiar set of skills and, on the way, he will make friends with all kinds of weird "but friendly"monsters.

I know... It's a very original plot, especially if the protagonist of the series has some extraordinary abilities with which he can beat anyone without a prob... Oh wait! ONE PUUUUNNNNCCCCHHHH!

It's actually the same, I just realised: I know is a different scenario, but the main guy is too strong and can beat the s*** out of his enemies without any difficulty, it's just that he's so lazy he appears last minute when his strong, "but weaker than him", friends are having struggles to beat the middle and the final bosses of the anime's first season... And beyond! (The exact same, you see?. CLEARLY!)

Sometimes this kind of anime is successful because of that little fact. What can really make you interested in the series, as I was, is how all characters get to know each other and establish alliances, even some weird friendships. 'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime' is an anime of very calm adventures, slow pace and very funny interactions. In fact, the moments of dramatic tension are resolved too quick and although they are not forgotten, they don't creep beyond the ending result of the battles (The main guy always wins). It's an anime designed to invoke pleasant, happy and warm feelings in the viewer. It's so relaxed and cheerful that some people could considered it as a weakness.

It's true that it misses more realistic action, like some sort of conflict so difficult to solve even the main guy would struggle, causing an unfortunate ending for the hero's side. For me, it doesn't matter really. I think the way it is is brilliant, however, especially for an otaku like me. The characters are the best part of the show, from cute ogres with sexy outfits and generous breasts to goblins trying to impersonate "Salt Bae". I'm not kidding! GO AND WATCH IT! SERIOUSLY!

From a more technical point of view, the series, animated by 8-Bit studio, has a total of 24 episodes. Not bad, right? There are not many weird things in how the story goes, the characters designs are quite generic; but the drawing is nice (Breasts...), consistent (Breasts...), and some battles are pretty fun to watch (The fight against the fire guy was dope!). The voice acting and the openings are also very "lit", but what I loved the most was the simple and environmental music that helps to give the anime a whole "Super Nintendo" style RPG environment.

In the end, it would not be too crazy to claim that Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken is a good anime to watch. I'm saying this from my "very strong anime viewer and excellent critique" perspective, ok? Clearly, this anime doesn't stand out for someone who only focuses on the big anime franchises of the likes of One Piece (Too long), Naruto (Too long) or Sword Art Online (Not that long... BUT LOOONNNGGG!), but, it'll give you a good laugh and an enjoyable time, so... GO AND WATCH IT! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

The series was well received when it was released, and it will have a 2nd season in 2020. I'm really excited for it! The manga, currently in the making, is also a total hit in Japan and worldwide. So, if you're into "iseka..." (How did I write that?), video games, action, guys getting stabbed to death and getting reincarnated, sexy ogres, Salt Bae or any kind of slime fetishes, this anime is clearly for you, my friend. Have fun, you weirdo!

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