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Neymar, Is He The Right Choice For Barcelona?

Neymar Jr.'s possible return to Fc Barcelona would be a true work of engineering for the Catalan side and for the technical staff, because it implies endless pros and cons in a complicated operation, one of the most complex of the summer.

Neymar left Barcelona in 2017, after PSG paid his 222 million euro release clause acquiring the Brazilian's services. Now, the process looks to head in the opposite direction, this time, however, Neymar's contract does not include a release clause, so, PSG, will once again be in the driver's seat, able to ask Barcelona for whatever they wish to take Neymar off their hands this summer.

This significant detail implies that FC Barcelona, in the case of wanting to sign him back, should negotiate with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi's, the Qatari president of the French club, who's relationship with Barcelona has not been the greatest in the past.

It would be only the first obstacle in a big list of cons. That's why we decided to look at both sides of the scheme (the good and the bad) and tell you if Neymar is the right man for the Barcelona.


1. A terrible relationship between Barça and PSG

Barça and PSG have always had notoriously bad relationships, especially since Nasser Al-Khelaïfi acquired the french outfit .

PSG has accused Barcelona of trying to get the Parisian squad's top players (Marquinhos, Silva, Verratti, Rabiot, Di Maria) without negotiating face-to-face, trying to reach an agreement with the player first and then force the club to sell. Sports only reasons are also involved, like the two elimination rounds in the Champions League, both in favour of Barcelona, with the famous 6-1 as one of the biggest humiliations ever for Nasser Al-Khelaïfi's team.

And there's more: a second economic aspect. The Qatar Foundation and Qatar Airways sponsored Barça for a few seasons before Barcelona ended their partnership, the same company that owns PSG. The managers of the Parisian club never approved of this agreement, because they understood that a direct rival was reinforced in its attempt to win the Champions League. And so they made it known to the Emir of Qatar, owner of that sovereign fund.

2. A transfer without exit price

There is no release clause in Neymar's current contract, so Barça would be forced to knock on PSG's the door (unlike PSG back in 2017), and there doesn't seem to be anyone in Barcelona with a good enough relationship at any level with anyone at PSG, not even Abidal, former Barcelona left back, who seemed to have a good relationship with Al-Khelaïfi.

If back then, 222 million for Neymar seemed like a crazy price, the figure Barcelona could reach this time out to acquire the Brazilian winger could be beyond ridiculous, and PSG would only be willing to carry out an operation that was trully beneficial, extremely beneficial, since they are not in dire need of money.

3. Neymar is the second best paid footballer in the world

Currently, Neymar receives about 40 million euros per year, about 3,060,000 per month, with his former teammate, Leo Messi, being the highest paid player in the world.

To this amount, we must add some 36 million euros in various advertising contracts, both in Brazil and in Qatar. For Barcelona, incorporating a player of these characteristics would be to break with the players salary scheme. That's why Barça would want to incorporate Griezmann, whose salary would be around 17 million euros per season. The club also hopes to reduce the wage bill this summer selling some players, so, it is very likely that Neymar will never enter through Barcelona's door again, not with his current salary.

4. The Brazilian left Barça through the back door

Neymar cheated FC Barcelona's directors and toyed with the club, as Barça was the first to deny an agreement with PSG. Neymar left Barcelona through the back door, during the 2017/18 pre-season in the United States, without even saying goodbye.

Today, if he wishes to come back, he would have to apologize to the fans and the friends he left behind. As a PSG player, he has never played at the Camp Nou, meaning we really have no way of knowing what the Barcelona fan base really think of the starlet .

Surprisingly, the surveys carried out in recent days by Spanish media about his possible return are not negative, many are not reluctant to the idea of his return (71% would make a swap between him and Dembélé). Furthermore, the Brazilian player has been seen returning to Barcelona on several occasions to visit his friends in the dressing squad.

5. Pending demands between Barça and Neymar

At the moment, there are different demands between Barcelona and Neymar, demands that would undoubtedly appear in the negotiations between the two sides. One of them is the commission that the player's father had to have been paid for his son'd contract renewal by the Catalan side.

Neymar's father sued Barça, after not seeing a single penny of the money he was supposed to have been paid. And then there's the complaint that Barça and Neymar filed against DIS following his signing from Santos to FC Barcelona.


1. Good relationships with the Barça dressing room

Distance and time has not diminished the excellent relationship between Neymar and the Barcelona dressing room. Neymar is still great friends with both Messi and Suarez, who he has visited on more than one occasion when in Barcelona. Apart from his two former striking partners, Ney often hangs out with centre back, Gerard Pique, and Brazilian midfielder, Arthur.

The Barcelona midfielder even accompanied Rafinha to the celebration of Neymar's 27th birthday in Paris. Not only is his relationship with the players good but reportedly with both Bartomeu and Valverde too.

2. Club connoisseur and immediate performance

Neymar is well aware of what Barcelona is and his incorporation would be a guarantee of immediate performance because it is already known that he fits with his old teammates, with the style of play and with the environment and mentality in Barcelona.

Neymar would light up the left wing of the Camp Nou and bring goal threat every time he marches up the field, as he has demonstrated in previous seasons playing for the Blaugranas. In addition, he has a good relationship with the team star, Leo Messi who he shines next to. Neymar is a capable and talented player, who's able to lead the team when the script demands it and who's not afraid of the big moment, something Barcelona are in dire need of.

3. Ligue 1 not a stage big enough

Neymar soon realized the mistake he made signing for PSG: stadiums filled with a mere 10,000 spectators,inferior oposition, a team that never saw him as their leader and a league too easy to win ... It took Neymar seeing it to believe it. France's stage hasn't and won't allow Neymar to become the player he should be, it's platform is not big enough and a lack of competitiveness makes any domestic tittle less valuable.

4. Mbappé has taken over PSG

Injuries have meant that Neymar's performance at PSG has not been continued, to the point that promising youngster Mbappé has taken comand of the team, complitely taking over the french first division and the hearts of PSG fans who no longer see Neymar as the top star in the side. The Frenchman has been the top scorer of the tournament and has fought with Messi for the Golden Boot.

It looked like Neymar was going to be the standard for the team, but he has seen how the promising striker passed him. Moreover, Neymar's conflicts with the club are constant. The last one: leaving Paris for vacation before the end of the season without the entity's permission, which has opened a new crisis. A possible exit from Paris for the Brazilian?

5. Neymar could start learning to be Messi's replacement

The Brazilian arrived in Barcelona at the tender age of 22, ready to show the world what he had in him. Messi is 31 and has yet to show any sign of slowing down, but father time makes no exceptions and the Argentine's time a top the footballing world will surely come soon enough, and when he does Barcelona would be smart to have someone to immediately replace his value and production, could that be Neymar? only time will tell.

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