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Neymar: PSG's Upside Down

"The Upside Down is an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world." That's exactly where PSG is right now, 2 years ago they signed Neymar from Barcelona, thinking he would be the world's greatest star... Now, he's a total rebel. A Demo-gorgon who wants to go back home. That didn't go according to plan, right Al-Khelaifi?

The signing of Neymar by Paris Saint-Germain could go down in history as one of the worst football transfers ever, taking into account its economic value (£198 million) and the expectations the Brazilian star generated when he arrived in Paris in 2017. In the two seasons he has been in Paris, in the most powerful club in France (because the rest are s***, really), Neymar hasn't been at the top level he showed at Barcelona with the MSN (Messi, Neymar, and Suárez), one of the best attacking trios in world football.

But, why is the most expensive transfer of all time is worst than when he arrived?

Love. Neymar doesn't seem to have love for PSG anymore, as his dream to be a super star and become a new player, outside of Messi's shadow, has failed. This story has two versions: Ney's and Nasser's.

On the one hand, Neymar's closest friends have assured that they were caught by surprise by the very hard tone used by PSG's president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, in his interview with France Football a few days ago. The harsh tone referring to Neymar's rebellion was interpreted as an invitation for the player to pack the bags. The heated situation would have made Neymar's decision to change to a new club very easy. On the other hand, others speculate that Neymar would have personally informed Al-Khelaifi about his desire to leave the club. The president, feeling disgusted, would have reacted with the explosive interview he gave to France Football.

The essential thing is that Neymar arrived to Paris with the aim taking PSG over the heap to conquer the Champions League, or at least come in striking distance of it.

In his time in Paris, Neymar has scored 51 goals in 58 appearances and he has mainly been tormenting Ligue 1 defenders one after another. He has come no closer to winning the acclaimed individual Ballon d'Or honour he has been chasing for so long, however, with off-field issues damaging his reputation, while PSG's Champions League dream remains as elusive as a drunk guy pretending to be sober.

For a player who was bought for £198 million and who perceives a salary of £28 million a year, the price-quality ratio doesn't seem to be quite there, am I right?

The Brazilian star has been a sports and an image fiasco; for the player himself and for PSG. Right now, the divorce between both parts is a sure thing, but, as long as there's an agreement and a suitor emerges willing to trust, in spite of everything, a footballer who has devalued himself, after a failed trip to France, Neymar should be able to find somewhere to play next season. Knock, knock. Who's there? Barcelona, MOTHER F*****!

The possible repurchase by Barça for Neymar has created a lot of perplexity, due to the evident devaluation of the Brazilian winger plus the excessive demands of the Qatari owners, who, for sure, will want to lose as little as possible with respect to the huge investment made in 2017. Many French media considered the amount of £298 million, but that's clearly f***** up, man!

Barcelona's president, Josep Bartomeu, chose his words carefully on Friday when he spoke to the press ahead of Frenkie de Jong's presentation, saying that he only knew that Neymar was keen to return, but, that he believed the player was not for sale.

PSG, however, seems to have given up on the Brazilian, who didn't even turn up to the first training session on Monday. PSG's sporting director, Leonardo, has opened the exit door to his compatriot, as Barcelona seem to have finally put together a deal to bring back the Brazilian forward, which could involve sending one or two players to PSG in part-exchange for the 27-year-old. Please... SELL COUTINHO!

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