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Nintendo: "Mario + Minecraft? = Best Game Ever!" The Watch Videogame Review

Hey guys! I know this unusual but... JUST GET USED TO IT, OK?

Super Mario says FUCK IT! to plumbing and acomplishes his dream of being a construction worker. FINALLY!

I love video games! Who doesn't? FIFA, NBA2K, Mario, Donkey Kong, etc... I could list all the games I've played for hours, all the memories and good moments, like the time I cought a Caterpie with a master ball, jumping with Mario, killing those poor... Who am I kidding? I KILLED THOSE F***** GOOMBAS, HELL YEAH!

My passion for video games made me have a thought, small, but important: If I was making reviews of anime, while writing news about football and some films (Mainly Marvel and DC), why not giving video games a go? That's why we are here today. Today, "The Watch Video game Review" officially begins!

And what a better way to start than with a classic... Ok, not that classic, but it's from the same franchise. What would happen if you mix your favorite red hat Italian plumber, who likes to eat mushrooms and plants anytime he can (I think he has some sort of substance problem), with one of the best and most intense games ever... MINECRAFT!? (Pff, Yeah right)

That's exactly what Nintendo did when they released "Super Mario Maker" five years ago. Now... Its sequel is coming out: "Super Mario Maker... 2!" (Wow! What a big change! Excitement everywhere!). This game legit looks amazing! At least, that's what we could see when Nintendo presented it in Nintendo Direct and at E3. This game is going to be... BREATHTAKING! (Thanks, Keanu)

Have you ever wondered what it was that led our prehistoric ancestors to leave the cave and build their first artificial home? Neither do I, but the truth is that the concept of "creation" has been very present in humanity since we learnt how to grab a banana. Perhaps for different motivations, formerly theological and now more practical; it has always been satisfactory for our brain to give life to something with our own hands. Sensations that we have seen reflected in the different milestones in our history: from those primitive spear tips of the first cavemen, through the wonderful paintings of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, until now, with that level full of traps and f***** goombas that will make you pull your hair and curse the as**** that created it using "Super Mario Maker 2".

That's what this new game offers... Jut like the previous one. The "2"in the title, however, is not the only new thing in Super Mario Builder. During the game's demonstration and the many game plays I've seen in a single day, this game looks more promising than its predecessor.

For the ones who don't know, Mario Maker is a game about Mario, the iconic Nintendo character, who became famous after the first original Nintendo game, Donkey Kong. I said earlier that the game is a little bit like "Minecraft" as the player can create their own Mario levels and share them with the world. Probably, the actual developers got a little lazy so they just thought: Why not let our fans make the new levels for us? Brilliant idea! GIVE THAT MAN A RAISE!!!!

The new Mario Maker offers pretty much the same as the previous installment of the franchise, but with some add-ons. It also has... A story mode!? AMAZING!?

In this new mode, Mario will need to be a constructor rather than a plumber, in order to rebuild Peach's castle, which has been knocked down for reasons not revealed during the demonstration (SPOILER! It wasn't Bowser who destroyed it this time). Toad will provide us with the opportunity to fulfill contracts that act as Mario's new levels in which you can also get coins, which you can spend on rebuilding certain parts of Peach's emblematic castle. That's point number one.

After having a look at the story mode, let's talk about "the real deal" that makes the game special: The Editing Level Tool!

The editing tool brings up all your imagination "Mario Bros Style" and allows you to create levels from Super Mario Bros 3, all the way to Mario 3D World. Mario everywhere! Where's Luigi!? (Don't worry Luigi fans, Luigi is included as well as there's a multiplayer mode too)

Between the different designs of the levels, the different skins of previous Super Mario games, the new options like adding specific objectives to the levels and the immense amount of available objects, the editor's tool is a trunk full of opportunities that has nothing to envy on "Minecraft" or "Fortnite". In this way, the Creative Mode is the most interesting of the game, not only thanks to the new additions (The Moon and The Sun are new enemies!? WTF!) but also to those dynamics that arise when combining them and that exponentially multiply the potential of the proposal, managing to offer something much bigger and more complex than what was offered in the first game. So, if you get the game, start creating the most f***** awesome Mario level ever! GOOMBAS EVERYWHERE!? NO GOD! PLEASE NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

They also included a new improved search engine to find levels from around the world, because, yes, that's right: You can share your levels with anyone, friends or strangers from all around the world. You can even can play against them! Amazing, isn't it? All of that as long as you pay for the Internet service, which costs £3.49 for 1 month, £6.99 for 3 months, or £17.99 for a whole year. Up to you guys...

In short, "Super Mario Maker 2" left me with the feeling that not only will it have a greater depth in its creation tools, but also in the way that it connects players with each other. "Super Mario Maker 2" looks like it'll be the game of the summer for Nintendo fans: A game that will bring fun and imagination together, and that will bring out that little Miyamoto that we all have inside (GOD DAMN IT! I WANT A SWITCH! I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!).

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