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Real Madrid's Jovic Is (Finally) Official!

After a classic and entertaining soap between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt this summer , "Los Blancos" have officially (officially, I love that word) announced the signing of Serbian striker Luka Jovic through a statement on their website.

For the moment, Real Madrid has not given details on the full operation, it seems German side Eintracht Frankfurt will register a minimum of 60 million euros for the transfer, which includes another 5 millions in bonuses. That's almost a third of the amount that will go to the Benfica, according to the agreement between the two clubs when they sold Jovic to the German club.

So now the question is: Who is this Jovic guy?

Jovic is just 21 years old striker who also happens to be a first team international with the Serbian team. This season he has been one of the great revelations in Europe, thanks to the 27 goals he scored in the 48 matches he played.

Jovic has committed to Real Madrid for 6 seasons, until June 2025. In its statement, Real Madrid defined Jovic as a "powerful, technical player and great auctioneer, a player that manages perfectly with both legs and stands out for his excellent ability to define."

Going back to the past (not to the future), the Serbian starlet started his journey with Red Star (Not to confuse with Red Skull, iconic villain in Captain America), debuting with the first team in the 2013/2014 season. He then transferred to Benfica, where he played with the second team and then the first team. Two years later, he joined Eintracht Frankfurt on loan.

In his first season in Germany, the Serbian was key in winning the German Cup as well as being one of the top scorers in the Bundesliga, with 17 goals. And the rest is history!

Now, we just need to wait for next season, as clearly Luka Jovic could be the revolutionary man Real Madrid needs to start bringing titles next season and for seasons to come (Hey, what about me? says Mendy in the background).

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