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Renard's Headers & Henry's Masterplan Bring Happiness To France

It's finally here, prepare the fireworks and the confetti, because it has started. The Women's World Cup has finally started; and it has begun with a brilliant match between the hosts, France, and South Korea.

France should be very happy now, as they started their World Cup run with a win against South Korea, after great performance (4-0). It was great to see the Gaul players display their class all over the field, showing the world their abilities as a team and as individuals.

It all begun after a colorful inauguration ceremony with a packed Parc des Princes, despite the bad weather (F****** climate change! Go away!), France left no options for the South Koreans, as their best players shined, showing the rest of the world why France are one of the favorites to win the tournament as the host nation.

Although the difference between France and South Korea is too big and allows us to draw few conclusions (Few... Less work), the French internationals made it clear that they are a team who won't vacillate this summer, with the goal always in mind. Their play on the sides is tremendous with Le Sommer, Torrent Cascarino and Majri all playing outstanding football tonight.

The match was open for exactly 9 minutes, the time it took for Le Sommer to take advantage of a beautiful and deadly pass from captain Henry, who just run past all the Korean player in her way. With that goal, the first of the four for France, Le Sommer reached 75 for the French team, becoming the top scorer for her nation.

Meanwhile, the South Korean defence was a handful of nerves, and the French detected that defensive fragility to continue their attack, barely allowing the opposition to move from their midfield line. The scoreless period didn't last long as "Les Bleus" once again proved that their air superiority was absolute, which caused a collapse in the South Korean area every time a corner kick or cross were whipped in.

After one of these dangerous areal plays That's when Mbock Bathy Nka was able to score an unbelievable volley in the 27th minute after a pass from fellow centre back Wendy Renard. It was unfortunately later disallowed for offside after VAR review.

During the first half, the french kept absolute control of possession as they made their presence known on the offensive side, scoring a third goal to close out the half. On the 45th minute, 6'1" Renard rose over two South Korean defenders to head the ball down into the right side of the goal to extend her team's lead before the break.

With a commanding 3-0 scoreline, the french had the game sealed so not much more happened in the second half. Only two shy South Korean chances, from C. Kang and M. Lee, meant their first attempts on goal which were unable to do anything against the compact French defense.

Finally, the MVP of the match, captain Henry capped off her great debut with a magnificent shot from outside the area five minutes from the end, crowning France at the top of group A with three points. A clash in which France made it clear that they aspire to win this World Cup. Watch out world: France is here, and it is here to win!

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