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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

Paul Pogba? Is he the right fit for Real Madrid? Or should he stay at Manchester United? Where will he get titles? Where will he get glory? Where will he become a super star?

The summer is long, and many names have already been ticked off from Zinedine Zidane's Real Madrid wish list: Jovic, Rodrygo, Hazard, Militao and possibly Mendy on the way...

However, a new name has appeared, after being out of the list for a while he's come back once again: Paul Pogba, the French star midfielder for Manchester United appears to be Real's newest target.

A footballer that clearly will give a lot to talk about during this transfer period. Now, it seems the time for the French man has come, his compatriot Zinedine Zidane is very interested in acquiring the services of the former Juventus man. The Red Devils are looking at the market too, in case Pogba decides to change Old Trafford for the Bernabeu. But, is it a wise move?

It should be remembered that Pogba's agent is Mino Raiola, who is very well known for having a special ability to continually change his players from team to team constantly (take Zlatan or Maxwell for example). So, it wouldn't be a surprise if Paul becomes one of the new 'Galacticos' this summer, especially if the legendary Zidane endorses Pogba's arrival.

To convince the French star, the Madrid coach has highlighted that he could be the kind of player to give the team the competitiveness it needs. Pogba also speaks Spanish perfectly (What!?), since his wife is Bolivian (That makes sense), so adapting would not be a problem. In addition, Zidane considers the French midfielder key for his new project at Real Madrid, with great strength and goal scoring ability, averaging about 12 goals per season. A box to box man with a lot of punch, which is precisely what Zidane is looking for in his new Real Madrid.

While the Frenchman continues to decide his future (White, white... More white), Manchester United could be looking to sign Christian Eriksen to replace the French midfielder, according to the Evening Standard. The problem is that these days, every single f***** player in the market wants to go to Real Madrid (That includes the man from Denmark of course). Why does no one want to join Barcelona, man? F***!

The other option is a possible swap were Paul Pogba could change places with Welsh bench warming star Gareth Bale, a long awaited target for the Red Devils. The Welsh doesn't want to move from Madrid (Lazy f***), however, and it looks like this move is going to be a hard one to work out.

The final option for Ole Gunnar Solsk... (I cannot say that name right) is Youri Tielemans, who was loaned to Leicester City from Monaco last season. Is this even an option?

Still, the Man Utd coach is looking forward to keeping Paul in Manchester's red side, one of the highest paid players in the planet and world champion with France in Russia 2018. Will he be able to do it? My answer is simple: I don't think so... Unless a lot of money appears "magically" in the middle of Pogba's way to Real Madrid and he "suddenly" changes his mind. What will be Paul's fate in the end? (Reaaaaaalllll Maaaaaadddddrriiidddd!)

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