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The Clockwork Orange Makes A Juice out of England

This year will be remembered as the year when weed and the red light district dominated the world of football. First, Amsterdam's Ajax did fantastically well this season, wining the double, yet were able to get to final of the UEFA Champions League final, after wining our hearts over, after their amazing performances versus Real Madrid and Juventus, two of the biggest clubs in Europe.

But now, Holland has done it again. This time it's the national team, and they're clearly unstoppable. What a team! The Clockwork Orange is back!

Yesterday (6th June), the noise of the British fans rised above the Dutch in Portugal, where the Nations League semis and final are taking place. An epic clash with as much suspense and goals as the previous day Portugal v Switzerland.

From the start, the ball was by Koeman's side, but the "Oranje" lacked in ideas to find the right way to the opposition goal. Fortunately, a man appeared to give an answer: Frenkie De Jong; in total commander mode the young Dutchman was tireless, stealing, passing and absolutely dominating, looking for the best solution so that Berwijn, Depay and Babel could harm Pickford (Not physically with knives, but just throwing a big ball at his face. That's all). Sergio Busquets should be scared of what this boy can do! He's coming for your job, Sergio.

England, on the other hand, needed little to disturb Cillessen. Every time they stole the ball , they just looked like a sharp dagger, with Marcus Rashford as the main man in attack, using his speed and skill to pass over De Ligt and Van Dijk (Oh, hell no!). The Man United striker was key in the first half of the match. He controlled a bad ball inside the Dutch area, but still managed to win a penalty from De Ligt so, it wasn't that bad, right?

Rashford did not fail and took the penalty Ronaldo style and beat Barcelona's bench warmer Jasper Cillessen, causing euphoria among the English fans united to support their team in Portugal after only half an hour.

Nothing really interesting happened in the fist half apart from that so... Let's move on to the next one (Goals coming this wa... WATCH OUT!)

Later on, Harry Kane came on for Rashford a.k.a The Penalty Guy after the break. The Netherlands needed something more, but Koeman decided to stick to his initial XI men. Then, it was shot after shot on both sides of the pitch: It was a clear war! A header from Sancho stopped by Cillessen, Depay shooting alone against Pickford... Saves and more saves. The minutes were passing and the scoreboard did not move. Holland was clearly pressed, but they didn't lack on precision and clarity.

Until it appeared, once again, De Ligt, surely to become the great protagonist of the semifinal. For the bad stuff and for the good stuff. The young centre-back jumped with class in a corner, making his header pierce through to the back of Pickford's goal. 1-1.

With that, a draw and everything to play for in just fifteen minutes of play. Van de Beek had the final goal in his hands with a forced shot that sadly went out. England had a bad time in the second half against a Netherlands side that was playing at a different level, but, sadly, on the other side, Lingard scored the 1-2, which ended up being called for offside by VAR (F****** VAR strikes again. Music in the background... Not enough budget for that? F***!).

Time for extra time (Juicy, I like it): "The Oranje" did not stop tightening in search of the second goal. That was the moment "The Three Lions" finally collapsed.

Stones sank his team to its end after losing a ball against Memphis Depay, who fired a potent shoot, forcing Pickford to stretch. The rebound, divided, ended in the net after the intervention of the own goalkeeper, Walker and Promes, who celebrated the goal as if it were his, although it was the Man City defender's own fault. Then, Depay and Promes appeared again (A better duo than Batman and Robin. Learn DC). Holland, unleashed, they went for a third, and found it in the second half of extra time, after another error, this time from Barkley, that led to an easy goal by Promes. The final was already a reality. The Netherlands will face Portugal on Sunday for the first edition of the UEFA Nations League and, oh, boy! This is going to be sassy.

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