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The Empire Strikes Back For De Ligt

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away an inter-dimensional battle between three forces was taking place: The Old One (Juventus), The New One (PSG), and the powerful Red & Blue Empire (FC Barcelona). All of them fighting to obtain the key to win the war: A young Dutch boy. His name? Matthijs de Ligt.

Now, heading back to our own galaxy and time, it seems Ajax captain, Matthijs de Ligt's future is once again in the air. The 19 year old Dutch man has been one of the most sought-after footballers on the transfer market this summer, with many clubs of the likes of FC Barcelona, Juventus, and PSG wanting to sign the player and make him the club's defensive leader as well as one of the main pillars for the club's future (This applies to all three clubs).

De Ligt has gone from having it all done with Barcelona at the beginning of the summer, to having it all done with PSG just a few weeks later, to having it all done with Juventus just a few weeks back to now having nothing done with anyone and not even knowing who he'll end up signing for

Currently, De Ligt is on vacation with his girlfriend in the Caribbean (Lucky guy. Me? I'm writing an article about him while I suffocate in my flat. Not lucky!), so he's still thinking about the decision that will mark his professional career and, probably, the European football landscape for a very long time. HOLY S***! That sounds serious!

That's why Barcelona, Juventus and PSG are placing all their best "come to my club, not to that s**** club" cards on the table to try and make De Ligt's decision much easier on his way to the airport.

Juventus offers two key things: Playing minutes and Ronaldo. PSG? Simply one word: Money everywhere. And Barcelona? Barcelona offers: playing alongside Messi and his friend Frenkie, who recently joined Barcelona this summer, and the key to Barcelona's future plans.

It's a good sign for both Barcelona and PSG that De Ligt is still not entirely clear about going to Juventus, as most Italian outlets were reporting the move as being practically done. A report earlier this week said that Juventus failed to convince Ajax with an offer of £49.35 million plus add-ons as the Dutch club continues to demand a sum in the region of £67 million.

Sky Sports News claims that the Serie A champions will make a bigger offer in a bid to close the deal as soon as possible. It's also true that just a few weeks back there was speculation that he was absolutely committed to PSG... And their money of course. A month before, there was information that pointed to his imminent signing for FC Barcelona after Barça negotiators and his agent, Mino Raiola, held a summit in Montecarlo in April, from which the two parties came out with very close positions.

Now, the situation is completely different: a total chaos. There's some of hope at the end of the tunnel, however, as Barcelona's president Josep Bartomeu has recently said in the media that he knows exactly where the Dutch centre-back will be playing next season, but, he's not going to say it. Cheeky Bartomeu...

Summer is long and De Ligt has some time to order his thoughts and try to finish with, what clearly is, one of the biggest transfer rumors of the summer. So, all I can say now is... COME TO BARCELONA, OK!? (I'm not trying to convince him, ok? Just saying... I used to live there, ok? Wonderful city!)

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