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The Legend of Kintaro Oe: "Golden Boy", The Watch Anime Review

I’ll be honest with you guys: I am no fan of ecchi and I see harem as the worst genre in anime history (unless I'm watching it incognito. Don't tell my mom). Also, you'll be asking what the word ecchi means. Here's my answer: Ecchi comes from the Japanese kanji エッチ, from English aitch, the pronounced form of H, used to refer to the word hentai (If you don't know what that is, just look at it in your free time, but keep the private search tab on).

Anyways, when watching an anime with the word "ecchi" in it, what you can expect is nothing other than perversion over substance. The lewd nature isn’t what bothers me; clearly...

South Park is one of the greatest shows ever made, yet, it has so many dirty jokes in it that it could make mountains of cash as an ecchi, like donuts in a factory.

See, unlike most ecchi stuff, South Park is actually funny, without compromising on substance. So, it's a surprise when an anime like Golden Boy made me laugh, not once or twice, but for nearly the entire series (So good, I watched it 3 times). With great comedy, well-timed ecchi that adds to the scene rather than getting in the way of it, like a YouTube or Twitch cam-girl, and a likable protagonist, Golden Boy is one fantastic anime. Today, its getting the recognition it deserves (Alert! Spoilers ahead!).

In Golden Boy, we follow Kintaro Oe, a wandering student who rides his bike around the country, and does any job that comes his way: swimming instructor, production assistant, ramen cook, etc. (Is there something this guy can't do?), to broaden his horizons and meet (obviously) beautiful ladies. His focus is “research” for “educational” purposes (Yeah, right). Unfortunately, he’s incompetent at most jobs, but he's a fast learner and a hard worker willing to do what it takes to help the ladies (that doesn't always go according to plan. Keep reading!).

Though he's clueless half of the time, he knows of his attraction and arousal for women, unlike other anime harem protagonists (Complete idiots). Somehow, his goofiness makes him endearing to women, eventually making them fall in love with him (Teach me some tricks, man). However, a wandering student can never settle down, so he’s always gone by the time they see his good heart (Why? Why do you do this man? You know how hard it was for me to get 5 matches on Tinder? Take your shots KINTARO!).

Golden Boy is brilliant: It's steeped in sexual innuendo, slapstick, a strange obsession with toilets graced by gorgeous behinds and lustful comedy, “Oh sweet plunging valley!” Kintaro meets a new woman with a different occupation in each episode and the comedy incorporates that into the core of the jokes, such as programming innuendo when he works for a bombshell in a software company (“C-based? Is that like third base?” Cheeky Kintaro).

Moreover, the ecchi humor the series has changes for each female character. Rather than have an endless series of panty shots, breast grabs, compromising positions, and so on, each episode picks just one to use for a few great jokes. This, from my expert panty-shots-breast-grabs-compromising-positions-and-so-on opinion prevents a clear overuse (Guys, this is not porn, so stop putting this article in incognito. God damn it!).

It’s why in Monty Python, they don’t do a silly walk in every skit; it’s why they don’t dress as women all the time; it’s why the Spanish Inquisition doesn’t burst into every gag. Each joke is hilarious on its own. If a joke overstays its welcome, the charm fades. The programmer’s breast physics (they just keep going…and bouncing…and bouncing…) are hilarious, but if they were applied to all characters, it would have felt repetitive (Don't worry, you perv. It didn't happen). Golden Boy knows that "less is more" (except when it pertains to the programmer’s breast physics) and yet it's still far lewder than most ecchi anime and series.

Of course, some episodes are better than others (dah). For example, in the episode when he works as a tutor for a spoilt university girl, the jokes stray too close to generic ecchi territory. The aristocratic mechanophiliac (a fetish for motorcycles. A new word for your personal dictionary. YOU ARE WELCOME!) on the other hand, it is both painfully funny and seriously not safe to watch if you're not alone (worst time for someone to walk in as you watch. Yiahhhh!). The episode pushes the lewdness and innuendo so far that it had me on the edge of my seat (Never seen a woman use a motorbike like a hot stud?).

Golden Boy isn’t a deep, philosophical look at the human character, nor is it a complex narrative filled with twists. It’s just ecchi. So ecchi that it is hilarious and it succeeds where others fail. To finally end this review, I would like to look into the technical points of this great anime (Sound, image... You know, you know you know... That stuff):

Though Golden Boy is old, the level of animation is above average for its time and it boasts "perfectly" a surprising amount of detail (A good example are the several ladies that overflow with sexiness. He, he, he). Also, the voice work is brilliant.

Technically, the original Japanese is better; however, the English track is brilliant too. Kintaro had me laughing for much of his screen time. Kintaro’s English actor is rather grimy, yet that suits the character much better, as the Japanese voice sounds to deep and strict (At least that's what I thought it sounded like when hiding in the bathroom). Similarly, with the women, their English actors sound sexier and seem to have more fun with their characters (and as an otaku, who doesn't love that?).

By far, this anime is better than the sum of its parts, delivering high enjoyment despite its aged art and sound, they enhanced the humor to a perfect style. So, if ecchi doesn’t bother you, Golden Boy is an anime you must watch (As Kintaro would say, this has been very educational. Study! Study! Study!).

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