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"Wanna Come To Turin?"

What a great game, man! It was the most amazing match you have ever seen. Who am I kidding? It was even more boring than the Champions League final Liverpool and Tottenham played in Madrid a couple weeks ago. Netherlands Portugal sucked.

The final of the Nations League between Portugal and The Netherlands ended up with the victory of the Portuguese men, who won with a solitary goal from Valencia man Gonçalo Guedes (1-0). Clearly, the world class defence formed by Van Dijk and De Ligt (we will come back to him later) is one of Europe's best national team duos, but sadly they couldn't stop the great play of Portugal, who had the likes of Joao Felix, Guedes, Bernardo Silva, and obviously, Mr Portugal himself: Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, the match was boring to say the least, it didn't even look like a final, just another international friendly. The Nations League final, however, brought us, the fans, two really interesting moments: The MVP of the game and another very interesting thing that happened later on involving someone telling someone to come to Turin (it's literally in the tittle, not that hard to guess).

Portugal was crowned Nations League's first ever champion on Sunday after beating The Netherlands. Surprisingly, it was Portuguese centre back Ruben Dias who was named best player of the final and Man City Bernardo Silva MVP of the tournament. Something that, after seeing his reaction when they announced it, Mr Portugal didn't like at all (He was the top scorer with 3 goals. Ouch!).

The Juventus striker, who we know is a competitive beast, shook his head when he saw that Bernardo, who was right next to him, had been named the best player of the Nations League above him. Later, while the rest of his teammates approached the Manchester City midfielder to congratulate him, the man of Madeira remained serious, looking ahead.

It is not the first time that Cristiano is involved in a situation like this, with his non-attendance at the previous Ballon D'Or gala as the perfect example (the one his former teammate at Real Madrid, Luka Modric won. Sorry Rony).

But, as mentioned earlier, that was not all that the Portuguese and the game left for us to speculate about. Maybe it was a joke (only the hilarious Cristiano Ronaldo knows it), but the truth is that after the final whistle of the Nations League, the second best player in the world (Sorry Ronaldo fans) approached Ajax's young star, De Ligt, and asked him a direct question: "Wanna come to Turin?" as the 'oranje' international later admitted to Dutch television network NOS.

"After the match, Cristiano told me: "Wanna come to Turin?," explained a smiling De Ligt in the post game interview. "I didn't understand it at the beginning. It surprised me a little, it left me a little in shock, so I laughed. But I did not answer anything," he added.

"Then, shortly after the game, you are disappointed for losing and that is the only thing you are thinking about," he added, explaining how he felt before his opponent's (and possible future teammate) unexpected question yesterday.

De Ligt says he still doesn't know which team he will sign for, with PSG, Barcelona, Man United and Juventus all looking at the 19 year old. "I don't care about that now. The transfer period also starts at a time, so first, I'll go on vacation and rest. Then I'll see," insisted the Dutch international, who seems to still need more time to meditate about his future. So far, we'll need to wait, but cheeky Ronaldo has made his move. What will happen?

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