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Warriors Take Game 2

After a convincing game 1 victory the Raptors fell short this time round and will have to go back to Golden State with the series tied up.

Everything was ready in Toronto for a game two win after a convincing victory a mere two days ago; Drake was at his trash talking best, Kawhi came ready to play and the energy in Toronto was electric. Things in life, however, don't usually go to plan and Steph Curry and the Warriors certainly had an entirely different plan, which they were able to execute to perfection last night to go back to Golden State tied at 1-1 and with a clear advantage over their rivals.

Last night the roles reversed as the Warriors were able to really take over on offence as the Raptors could only sit and watch. It was all pretty much even until the game came into the third quarter and the Warriors caught fire turning a five point deficit at the half into an eight point advantage to head into the final quarter of play. The Dubs again did what they always do, as they ran away with the game in quarter number three, which by now should be no surprise to anyone given precedent.

Especially great last night, was shooting guard, Klay Thompson, who put up a team-high 25 points, 9 of which were his team's first right at the beginning of the game. The way Klay started many expected him to truly catch fire tonight and have one of his classic stand out performances, but foul trouble early on saw him benched as precaution. Not all good news for Klay though, as he had to come out of the game in the fourth quarter with a pulled groin.

The remaining warriors all-stars all put up good numbers as Steph had 23 points while Draymond got a near triple double with 17 points 10 rebounds and 9 assists and Boogie seemed to fit right into the team with a good 11, 10 and six to go with 2 blocks to show for his efforts.

It wasn't for lack of trying for Toronto, though, as all-star forward Kawhi Leonard put up a game high 34 points and 14 rebounds, but fell short this time as his supporting were unable to step up for game 2. This was a comeback game for Kawhi, however, as game 1 was not particularly bright for him. Last night, The Claw made his presence known as he got to the line 17 getting at the Warriors inside the lane as much as he could.

It was a story of unity for the Warriors tonight, who dished out a combined 34 assists to sink in 38 shots and steal game 2 in Toronto from a Raptors team that didn't hit the mark last night. Steve Kerr adapted his defensive schemes putting more pressure on the rest of the starting line-up and less on Kawhi, which allowed the former Spur to hit his numbers but in contrast made others look less favorable last night getting the Warriors enough to steal home court in Canada.

Game 3 will heavily depend on the Warriors health, weather Klay is ok to play and even if KD can step on the floor and put an end to the series for good, if not the Raptors have good odds to gain back the lead in Oakland; that's if the team can step it up and help Kawhi like they did in game 1.

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