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What A Goal!

The Champions League is over, and thank god it's over. So boring I watched every game and thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyways, with Liverpool beating Tottenham 2-0 on a beautiful night in Madrid, UEFA has already released some entertainment for us, now that we've become "bored as f***" football fans.

First it was the schedule for the 2019/20 Champions League and now, the best team of the competition as well as something everyone loves: The best goals! (Something we sadly didn't have in Madrid. Sorry Tottenham fans).

So let's take a look at the best UCL goals from this season.

For number 10... (Why am I doing this if you can see it down below?)

10. Suárez Can Still Score In Europe? (Alleluia!)

In the first leg at Barcelona, former Liverpool man Luis Suárez was a nightmare for the scouser fans. The Uruguayan scored the first goal of the match (3-0), after a great Alba assist, ahead of the entire defensive line and getting the tip to score an impeccable goal against Alisson.

GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!! (Clearly, no one was expecting what was coming next week. He, he, he... uhm, chocked)

For number 2... I mean 9... (Why am I still doing this?)

9. Coutinho Is Actually Good?

Who doesn't remember Coutinho's goal (Barcelona's biggest flop since Zlatan, and even Zlatan wasn't as bad as this guy, Barcelona basically paid for Liverpool's Champions League) against Manchester United. He made a distant shot that passed over De Gea, ensuring Barcelona's pass to the semifinals of the competition. It was a good goal (one of the few he can say he scored this season), but his celebration generated much controversy.

But, no one should be mad at him. Clearly, he was rehearsing for the new Disney live-action of Dumbo and did a great job. Have a look!

8. Dembélé Who?

This goal came in the group stage of the Champions League. Super-sub Dembélé ran practically the entire length of the pitch, all while haggling several defenders and defining with a very clinical shot within the area, which Lloris could not even touch. The goal was at the Camp Nou and it was the best one Dembélé has scored all season (He's mainly been injured or partying. Last time seen bench warming).

7. Mbappé, The Talented King (Scoring without a keeper)

Although the way he scored this goal was not the most spectacular, since he just simply had to shoot at an empty goal, Mbappe's teammates beautifully set this up creating an absolute masterpiece of teamwork (I was going to insert a joke here but he's just too damn good so enjoy).

6. Man City German Bench warmer Scores on The Germans

This goal was scored in the group stage, a real free-kick goal by our favorite bench warmer Leroy Sané against Hoffenheim. It was at the Etihad Stadium, and the shot had a beautiful swirl courtesy of Sané's left foot. When you see the goal, it will leave you in awe (until he goes back to full time bench-warming).

5. Rakitic: Volleys? Too Easy For Him

Really, is there something this guy cannot do?

One of the greatest midfielder this season and in the big league, Ivan Rakitic is a complete player. And he gave us proof of it when he scored a great volley against Tottenham at Wembley. It was an absolute blast!

4. The Mané's German Turn-Around

Mané's goal against Bayern at the Allianz Arena is the third best of all for UEFA and for us just fourth (Sorry?). The way in which the Senegalese dribbled past Manuel Neuer and left him stunned (plus all Bayern fans, probably fuming now), followed by a perfect chip. Only one word: WOW!

3. Messi, The Master of Free-kicks

What can be said about the GOAT? (GOAT stands for a hardy domesticated ruminant mammal that has backward-curving horns and a beard, if it's male).

Messi's free kick against Liverpool (3-0) is clearly the third best goal of this list. A shot from a very far distance that slipped into the square, in the only place where that ball could enter. Alisson... No chance!

2. RocketNaldo Strikes Again!

Cristiano's goal against United could be considered as the best for UEFA in this Champions League (but not for us. Ha, ha). Still, let's talk about it: The Portuguese superstar received a high ball from Leonardo Bonucci inside the area and without letting the ball touch the floor, he defined perfectly with a volley shot that destroyed the opposition's goal (Be scared, Oliver Atom. Ronaldo is coming for you!).

1. WTF? And The 1st Position is For...

Seriously, who doesn't remember this moment? WTF!

It's probably the most strange, beautiful and more amazing goal we've seen in all this Champions League and in Champions League's history (Even if staff writter Pelayo de Lario still has nightmares about it). The goal came in the final minutes of the second leg of the semifinals between Liverpool and Barcelona, and it was a surprise: Trent Alexander (Cheeky boy) Arnold, the smartest lad in class, passed the ball to "Super Origi" when Barcelona's defense was basically "sleeping."Not even Ter Stegen, the wall that he's been all season could do something to prevent the comeback and what can be seen as Barcelona's biggest disaster (0-4).

What? You want me to stop saying stuff and you want to watch the goal in peace? That's what you came for all along? Fine, have a look and amaze yourselves! (Cheeky, cheeky, Trent)

That's it. There's nothing else here. Just go home, ok?

Still here?! I'm not giving you another video, ok? (YouTube addict) Go home! Bye, bye! Sayonara!


Fine, here's a full 6 hours of nothing, enjoy!!

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