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What Happens After Death? Death Parade, The Watch Anime Review

Have you ever thought what will happen, once dead? Where will our souls go? Do our actions define us? Or, on the contrary, are our decisions the ones that determine it?

Death Parade is here to answer these questions. This anime was released in 2015, and it takes place in a mysterious, strange and special place called Quindecim. This place is basically a bar (alcoholics of the world, this anime is for you guys), but not our ordinary type of bar: It is a place where the souls of those recently deceased come to be judged. NANI!?

The bar is run by someone even more special and strange if possible. This mysterious barman is the arbitrator of this story, and the one who will put the poor souls of those who ended up in this bar (Unlucky!) to the test and determine who will return to life and be reincarnated; and who, on the contrary, will be thrown into the void forever (Hell for you, Mother F*****!). His name? Decim. Easy, right?

At this point, surely you'll be asking yourself: WTF!? How does Decim know who has been bad, and who has been good? Don't worry, my young padawan. Death Parade already thought of that. How? Games! (Who doesn't love a good game to... DEATH!?)

Now, what you have to understand is that everything in "Quindecim" is designed to judge and push its participants to the limit, with the aim of pushing them to reveal their darkest parts, and thus be able to assess correctly if they deserve salvation or not.

In this interesting anime about... DEATH!, when two people die at once, they are sent to the bar of a white haired quiet psycho to be judged (He always shows manikins behind the bar to scare the hell out of the participants. Cheeky Decim), deprived of their memories of the past, and unaware of their status.

Both must face certain games chosen at random, with the aim of seeing their reactions in times of stress, fear, danger, anguish, etc. They have games ranging from darts to pool.

The story begins when a strange young dark haired woman called Chiyuki (Typical Japanese name) appears on the fifteenth floor of "Quindecim", alone, and with all the intact memories of her life already extinct. Decim, our main man and one of the many referees of this so called limbo, the person in charge of that floor decides to erase part of her memories and leave her there as his assistant (Of course. Very normal), until he knows what to do with her (Ok, this is going somewhere...). Little by little, we will unravel the story of this strange girl, and how her presence, upsets the "imperturbable" Decim. In the meanwhile, we can enjoy the suffering of the rest of the souls playing different games in the 12 episodes this anime has to offer us. Fun, right?

Throughout these 12 episodes, we will see different stories, with abundance of originality and cruelty in some cases and sadness in many others. But, above all, this anime is a sample of all the human emotions and how well reflected they are. The topics it deals with are incredibly interesting, and varied, showing us what the human being is like, and what he's capable of doing for survival when he's put to test. Clearly, Death Parade is a sad and sometimes crude anime, but it also gives us funny, endearing moments (especially when seeing certain memories of the deceased. I know, it's creepy, but I liked it. NO SPOILERS!). There's even some room for love (Decim gets a girl's number in one of the episodes!? What!?). I know...

It is a short anime, but its intensity and good plot make it an anime everyone can enjoy. So, finally, do you think I would recommend watching the anime? (Have you been paying attention the last 10 minutes you've been reading this?)

Fuck yes, yes and... YES! By far, a production well done in the technical area (great sound, image, and you know... Etc.) with a rhythm that hooks like few things in this life, but burdened by the small amount of time for so many interesting characters, various events and in general a universe that can be very well taken advantage of if later it is decided to take a direct sequel or explore other alternative courses. So, if you're into death, alcohol and bars, and some other kinky stuff, this anime is clearly for you. So, GO AND WATCH IT!

Oh yeah... Almost forgot: If you watch it, watch Death Billiards first! (It is the OVA. The first episode basically. YOU'RE WELCOME!)

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