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Where's Mushu!?

Days after announcing that singer Halle Bailey will bring Ariel to life in "The Little Mermaid", Disney has launched the trailer of the live action version of another classic: Mulan. But... WHAT IS THIS!? THIS IS S***! WHERE'S MUSHU!? AND MORE IMPORTANTLY: WHERE'S THE CRICKET!? # We don't forget you, cricket.

The 2020 live action movie, directed by Niki Caro and staring Yifeu Lu as Mulan (Never heard of her in my life, but, she makes more sense than casting Scarlet Johansson for the role), promises to flood the screen with colors, landscapes, tradition and lots of action, just like the original film mdid in 1998 (20 years ago I'm not that old). At least, that's what we thought. All fans were anxious to see the story we already know and love, but with real people this time. Makes sense, right?

A brave Mulan who will never fit into a world in which women are destined to become exemplary wives and only men are allowed to go war and fight for their country. When I saw the trailer, the beginning was really similar to the original as well as the idea of her bringing honor to her family through becoming the best warrior the country has ever seen. Yeah, yeah, yeah... We saw all that, but there was something missing, and everyone noticed instantly.

Although the trailer received good reviews from critics (Always the critics), viewers didn't let go of the fact that one of the most charismatic characters of the original Disney feature: MUSHU! is missing.

The lively and hilarious red tiny salamand... I mean dragon, who was portrayed by Eddie Murphy years back, didn't appear in the clip... Not for a single minute. That's why fans, me included, are worried about the tiny "but gigantic" possibility that he's not part of the film either. And where's Cri-Kee?

According to the specialized media, 'The DisInsider' (Disney + Insider = DisInsider? GENIUS!), the beloved red dragon would have been replaced by a phoenix. WTF!? A PHOENIX!? WHAT IS THIS!? MULAN AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE!? Although this information was not confirmed by Disney itself (This guys from... that website I just mentioned, they're fans like me and everyone else, so, we still have some hope). The photograph that one of the actors uploaded to Instagram (Classic!) during the shooting of the film seems to confirm the worst omens. In the image, the actor wears a sweatshirt with the logo of Mulan... Next to the figure of a phoenix. NO GOD! PLEASE, NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!

As if it couldn't get worse, the absence of Mushu and Cree-Ki are not the only changes proposed by Niki Caro for this new adaptation with flesh and blood characters (That sounds creepy, I like it!). In fact, one of the novelties that has attracted most attention is the emergence of a new character, Commander Thung , played by Donnie Yen, who Mulan will fall in love with and replace General Shang, for many a bisexual icon. WHAT!? There must be a mistak...

The cast includes Gong Li, who will play the powerful witch Xian Lang, the main villain of the film, instead of The Huns. No, seriously, there must be a mistak...

Added to these changes was another revelation from 'The DisInsider', which stated that the characters will not sing the songs of the original film, but that they will be heard in an instrumental version in some scenes, a decision that displeased the audience.


Here's the trailer for a movie that is clearly nothing like the original, so it shouldn't even be called a live action of Mulan. I just have one thing to say to you, Niki Caro: If you don't do something about this, fans are going to riot and you know what's worst than riots? Dishonor in your family! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!

So, get moving just like Jeff Fowler did with Sonic, and... FIX THIS! QUICK! DO YOU REALLY WANT DISHONOR ON YOUR COW!?

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