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Where Will The Special One Land?

If you didn't know, last weekend wasn't the best for the big European teams: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, even Liverpool was close to losing its game (Thank God Mane they didn't). But the worst part was for Bayern. So, as expected, Nico Kovac was sacked by the German side after a humiliating 5-1 defeat at the hands of Eintracht Frankfurt (That's harsh!)

Anyway, with Niko Kovac out and other managers in the "future" exit line of their clubs, a "special" name has been linked with many clubs. That name... Mourinho.

As you many would know (do you live under a rock?), Jose Mourinho is out of work. At least for now (who knows when this article will get published). OK... Actually, he has been working on TV football debates and other stuff... But, I'm referring to managerial work, GOD DAMN IT! (Since December last year when he was finally sacked by Manchester United and replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.)

The Portuguese seem to be ready, especially after Arsenal recently deny a dinner meeting with the Portuguese coach (Do Arsenal hate Emery that much?). But, would it be the right choice for Bayern if it finally happens?

Let's find out:

Firstly, what are the pros?

1. Managerial CV... Completed! (Ha, Ha! Take that one, Pep!)

When managers sit down in the great director's box in the sky, there are two things they are likely to talk about: the trophies they have won and the clubs they have managed.

In Mourinho's case, we know all about the trophies he has won and when you look at his list of clubs, it is filled with prestigious names like Benfica, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. But Bayern Munich is a conspicuous absentee from that list and as a man with an obsessive, all-conquering approach, he would want to add the Bundesliga title to his league honours in Portugal, England, Italy, and Spain.

2. Mourinho's Stamp... HERE! HERE! AND HERE!

A famous man once said that all teams are constantly in transition, but in Bayern's case that is particularly true. Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben, and Mats Hummels all left over the summer, depriving the squad of more than 1,000 league appearances worth of experience.

For all that the two wingers may have waned in their twilight years, their impact in the dressing room must not be underestimated. And let's be honest... Perisic, Coutinho, and injury-prone Kingsley Coman are not at the same level as those legends.

Their departure left a mighty hole, however, Mourinho could be the one able to fill it with his own unique charisma, and players whom he could choose; the self-titled 'Special One' was frustrated by Ed Woodward's interfering at Manchester United (Typical Ed) and would likely demand a certain level of control over player recruitment rather than being forced to work with what he's got.

This would be a relatively blank canvas on which for the Portuguese manager to paint his own particular masterpiece. It would be interesting to see what could happen.

3. Champions League? Easy, peasy!

For all Mourinho's obsession with league titles, the Champions League will always be the very pinnacle of the game. Bayern may be languishing in 4th in the Bundesliga, but the expectation remains that they will win yet another title. Even after Saturday's debacle, they are still odds-on favourites.

With the league likely to take care of itself, Mourinho could focus all his attention on an elusive third Champions League trophy without having to worry too much about a gruelling domestic calendar.

But... What could go wrong if Mourinho finally goes to the Allianz?

1. Bayern fans? Who Cares!

It's all well and good being enamoured with the idea of appointing a manager with a CV as good as Mourinho's, but the reality is often very different.

Mourinho is not the pragmatist he once claimed to be, rather a defensive manager whose teams are cynical and gritty. No true Mourinho side could ever claim to be one that plays free-flowing, attractive football and in a league where games have a significantly higher average goal count, his 'pragmatism' may be a tough pill for the Bayern faithful to swallow.

So, expect a "defensive bus" in your goal, Neuer!

2. Premier League? Ouch...

The theory is that things always go wrong for Mourinho in his 3rd season in charge and certainly he has found it hard to leave on a high note.

His latest departure from United seems to have cut him particularly deep, if his comments from a recent appearance on Sky Sports, bemoaning Solskjaer's carte blanche to lose games, are anything to go by.

Mourinho said: "I am going to try to get a job like Ole has at this moment in the future which is to speak all the time about the future and then you are protected about the present. I think it’s a great situation."

Arsenal seems the logical destination, however, if he finally takes the Bayern job, redemption in the Premier League and in England, the country he loves and has made his home, will be even further off.

3. Real Madrid's Back To The Future: Mourinho Edition?

And for all that Mourinho loves the Premier League, he's constantly linked with a return to his former club, Real Madrid, where club president Florentino Perez still holds him in such high regard after his three-year spell there between 2010 and 2013.

Mourinho would never want his availability to displace Zinedine Zidane but the board may create a vacancy for him, with next summer the obvious time to make the change.

Would Mourinho take the Bayern job? Or the Real Madrid one? And what about Arsenal? Only "The Special One" knows that "special" answer.

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