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Who Reigns "The Streaming Throne"?

The battle for the control of the streaming world has been longer than we can imagine. Famous warriors like Amazon and Sky have fallen to the powerful dragon fangs of Drogon (HBO) and the mysterious psychic powers of 11 (Netflix). And where's our friend YouTube? Well, let's just say YouTube is like that one friend who shows up uninvited and decides to sort of hang about in a corner drinking away all your alcohol. So... not really part of the discussion today.

HBO and Netflix fight against each other: They strive to win the love, loyalty and above all, the monthly payment of users. So far, the battle is at its peek, with both of the streaming services garnering enormous international success.

Now, if you are passionate about movies and television series, you probably want a platform that can give you "everything"; however, as many's budget is limited, you may have to choose. So, do not choose poorly.

If this is your situation, you have come to the right place as we will, together, take a look at the key aspects that differentiate Netflix and HBO, so you can then choose the rightful heir to your "The Streaming Throne."

Let's the Game of Thrones... Begin!

In life you don't really know what you like until you've tried it, so both platforms give you the first month without having to pay a penny (How I love me some free trials). It's totally free; the single greatest word in the English language and what you wish you could hear every time you walk into a shop.

Just go to the nearest TV you have in your house and take advantage of this summer break and give them both a try. I recommend you do it separately (Not at the same time, we wouldn't want you compulsively binge watching 24 shows all at the same time until your head pops; nasty), to enjoy more and better. When you finish, you can choose between one or the other,or both, but try to make the most of those thirty "free" beautiful days of FREE movies and series, and investigate other available content they might offer.

Time to move on to the heavy stuff: The numbers. Who doesn't love a little bit of math in their lives? (My life is already good, so, thanks. I think I'm gonna pass on that one).

If your budget is limited, the price will be the most important aspect. We all want things for free, but sometimes free stuff doesn't last and we need to start paying, so when the moment comes and you need help because you're too addicted to "Westworld" or "Narcos", your friends will come into play. Yes, you heard me right: Your friends.

On the one hand, HBO, who clearly don't want to mess things up, stick to one single price: $14.99 per month. It's a great price if you think about it: You get the entire HBO NOW catalog in Full HD quality (1080p) with a maximum of five devices per account and two simultaneous reproductions, so you can have your friends sucking the life out of your account while you pay full price for it. Pretty good right?

On the other hand, Netflix has decided to be ​​more flexible as the streaming platform offers up to three plans for all tastes. What is better than being able to pick the best piece of meat and have it the way you like it? Here's the same.

The standard plan, which allows for streaming on two devices at the same time in HD has a price of around £8.99, up from £7.99. The premium plan, which allows for streaming on up to four devices in Ultra HD is now £11.99, up £2 from the previous £9.99. Finally, the basic standard definition plan remains unchanged, at £5.99.

Netflix raising the prices for its UK customers on its standard and premium streaming is not a good sign, and clearly, the winner of the price offer is non other than "Mother of Dragons, Queen of the Andals and Khaleesi" HBO of the realm of men.

Even so, it's always important to examine the offers well, because if you really look into it, you can share your Netflix account with three other people and you can all see what you want, where you want (Three friends' available houses) for approximately three pounds a month. You can also do the same on HBO with another friend, although you will be very limited in terms of devices and simultaneous screens. So, if you have friends, family, or any exes interested, with just a little bit of money, you know what to do!

Moving on, many people has accused Netflix of being a streaming platform for those who like old content, as if the old was bad by definition. Since when is "Friends" bad?

It's just a lie. On Netflix, you will find absolutely everything (even the things you don't wanna find), from current films and series to documentaries and classic series and films that we like to remember exist from time to time. On the contrary, HBO likes to invest on the new, but they also have some old jewels to keep your eye on.

Of course, don't expect to see the latest film premieres (except for original productions), that is still reserved for the PPV (Pay Per View). Essentially just good ol' television, except this time round it comes in all sized screens.

It is difficult to determine in exact figures how deep the Netflix and HBO catalogs are (Although, when we talk about series, movies, books, documentaries, we should pay more attention to quality rather than quantity). Still, it is estimated that HBO has about 100 series and 407 films compared to the more than 400 series and over 1500 movies Netflix (Jesus F****** Christ). So, this time, it seems it is Netflix who wins the battle of content numbers. 1-1.

But, let's forget about movies and series for a little moment, and focus on another thing that has been very "trending" these years: Documentaries. If you're a passionate about "the life of a murderer documentary" rather than "the life of a woman who controls three dragons,"then, Netflix is the one to watch while your couch cushion takes the shape of your but cheeks.

Little moment is over. Speaking about series titles, on HBO you can watch the likes of Game of Thrones, The Wire , Westworld, Girls, Taboo, The Handmaid's Tale, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and a long etc of incredible series and movies. Meanwhile, Netflix has the likes of Big Mouth, Narcos, Bojack Horseman, House of Cards, Glow, Sense 8, and so on. And let's not forget about the acclaimed "Stranger Things" (I've never seen something so strange be so damn good). On questions about the emission rights of new seasons, well, let's not even get into that. Too complicated (Too many numbers and politics, my head already hurts opening a can of tuna, let alone this).

To conclude, I cannot stop referring to the way in which both platforms facilitate the discovery of new titles. So many series, films and documentaries, and sometimes "we don't know what to watch", but, from my "three eyed perspective," Netflix triumphs with its algorithms, continuously learning from our tastes and history, proposing new stories that match those tastes at a really high percentage. I'm sorry HBO, but... It's time to get back to The Wall.

In addition, Netflix allows you to download content on your mobile device and watch them without internet connection, perfect for the holidays! (Speaking from experience).

Anyways, we've reviewed the crucial aspects of Netflix and HBO, so now, the decision is for you to make, although, my advice is simple: get yourself some friends, create and share multiple accounts, and enjoy doing some binge watching until your eyes melt onto the floor and the but cheek shape on your couch is deeper than my love for Tormund and Ghost.

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