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Why Joker Will Go Down as One Of The Best Films Ever, "The Watch Express Review"

Ok, let’s not talk about names, careers or previous movies. Just talk about feelings. “JOKER” is a punch in your stomach. A slap in your face. It is disturbing, unpleasant sometimes, hard to watch occasionally. And one of the best movies I have ever seen, and I have seen thousands.

Arthur Fleck’s live is shit: job, colleagues, family, everything is against him. The road to his home is a nightmare, the people spit on him when he tries to be nice. He is ugly, thin, a mere bone, his laugh is distasteful, you probably will change sides on the tube to avoid him. He is the America who doesn’t vote, who doesn’t count. He's nothing. And however, he's all. Because he feels pushed and fed up. And finally, he rebels against it. And the America of losers starts a rebellion which will detonate into chaos. And then he controls his destiny, and the same stairs which were his punishment are now his joy, as he controls his life. The only thing he has to do to make it possible is to kill, kill, kill.

From the beginning, I was very aware Todd Phillips was manipulating us as an audience. He pulls every single topic and string to take you in a road where you justify that violence. You are aware of what he is doing. And still, it is done in such an amazing way that you can’t resist it. Everything in Joker is made to endure: the photography, the music, the acting. Joaquin Phoenix has given the interpretation of the decade, he is Arthur Fleck. Because this is not about Joker and Batman, it is all about Arthur. It is about the pariahs saying that’s enough, reacting like a crazy bunch full of hate and wrath. It is repulsive and fascinating at the same time. But all the way through you are aware that you are watching a masterpiece.

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