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Why Marvel? Why Not Me?

Marvel, Marvel and more Marvel. Is Marvel the only important thing nowadays? with all the movies spin off series, original series spin offs of spin offs, sagas and more marvel seems to have completely taken over the superhero cinematic landscape, but what about DC?

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominating the... universe I guess (dah), DC (Stand for Depressive Characters) fans are loosing their faith in ever seeing a single good movie coming from DC studios.

A new stage looms over Warner and the DC film universe. Quick question: Are you one of those who fervently love the work delivered by Zack Snyder? (Don't worry, it's not a trick question) That's very nice from you, but I don't care as I have to sadly inform you that your dreams could be extremely crushed by a big monster truck called Warner Bros.

According to a recent Forbes article (where the hell did I put it?), the DCEU (Stands for Depressed Characters Ebola Universe. They're clearly f***** up, am I right?) will focus on their next superheroes, starting off this new era with "The Batman" and "Supergirl" (Edward Cullen being a bat in a suit? The guy is already a vampire, so hell yeah!) .

A few years ago, Warner Bros was proud to present a universe of superheroes that emerged from DC Comics. Things started off moderately with The Man of Steel, then came Batman vs. Superman: The Origin of Justice, a film that carried a certain disdain from the public; Later appeared "Suicide Squad" directed by David Ayer and then things went down, a total fiasco. At that point, the DCEU was in real trouble. Who thought a great dream soon would turn into a complete nightmare?

Fortunately, the situation was reversed (not totally I'm afraid). With "Wonder Woman", the waters of DC raged fans settled a bit (They didn't burn any cinemas), however, the premiere of the "Justice League" buried all those hopes of a continuous DC superhero team on the big screen. Aquaman and Shazam! also managed to do a pretty good job, something we epect will also happen with Wonder Woman 1984.

According to Mark Hughes, a columnist for Forbes (I cannot find the God damn article. Damn you, incognito windows!), all actors/actresses already introduced to the DC extended universe such as Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa would become part of the old DCEU, ending their contracts as soon as they shoot their corresponding films. And then, SHAZAM!, a few years later, their characters would be re-introduced again in the DCEU with new, brilliant and depressed faces.

"The Batman" starring Robert Pattinson and the next Supergirl would be in charge of starting this next and renewed period (So everything that was done by Snyder would be ignored and the myths of DC would be written again. Sorry man, but... YOU'RE FIRED!)

The DCEU will continue to present films of its most famous characters. Next year, we will be able to see "Birds of Prey" (And the beautiful Harley Quinn), and Wonder Woman 1984. In addition, very soon, DC fans will enjoy the likes of The Suicide Squad, The Trech, Aquaman (all with a 2 behind their buts), New Gods and the Green Lantern Corps (Bring Ryan back!).

Although I said that the legacy of Zack Snyder will not be taken into account in the following years of the DCEU, you cannot take all the effort made by the director as absolute garbage. It's true that his vision of the DC superheroes was not the most enjoyable, but he had some fans i guess. Maybe it was not enough to defeat Marvel Studios and Thanos at the box office, but the heart put into the movies is something worth mentioning.

We hope that in the following years the executives of Warner Bros and DC obtain what they're looking for, stop f****** with us the fans, and manage to leave us happy with our favourite creepy and anti sociable (but likeable) superheroes.

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