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Why Spider-Man: Homecoming Is The Best Marvel Film

Hear me out, hear me out.

Naturally, Marvel is one of, if not the, greatest franchises on the planet. They have mastered the craft of perfectly capturing the essence of comic books and satisfying every demographic of person. That being said, almost all the films are the same or simply mediocre. No one likes Thor: The Dark World. No one likes Avengers: Age of Ultron. No one other than Edward Norton probably likes The Incredible Hulk. Marvel films, while generally being excellent, have a habit of punching out films that suck or just feel... the same. The Avengers is naturally a great film, but many of the films that came after it took so much from its essence that they appear as carbon copies. I'm trying to preface this as much as I can because I need to emphasise the extent to which Spider Man: Homecoming is perfect. You wanna know why? You wanna know? Come closer...


It's relatable, it's hilarious, and it's different. It doesn't follow the formula. It does it's own goddamn thing and when it does, it works. Everything about this film is perfect, and we're gonna run that down.

1. Tom Holland

This guy is the carbon copy of Peter Parker. You want a realistic Spider Man, you watch Tom Holland walk to a coffee shop or something and you'll be satisfied. He isn't some forty-year-old pensioner with Tobey Maguire. He isn't some tall hunk who rides his skateboard like a cool boi with Andrew Garfield. He's a short dork who no one cares about and everyone clowns. That is who Peter Parker is. He would totally be the guy to vlog fighting the Avengers and his immaturity is in character.

The character of Spider-Man is also believable from Tom Holland. He doesn't know how to talk to criminals. When he confronts the dudes robbing the bank, there's a moment where he's contemplating what to say and how to stand. This is all new to him. Speaking of which... Parker is a dumbass. Of course he's a tech genius, but other than that he's an idiot... like a normal teenager. With the previous Spider-Men, they figured out how to work their suits no problem. Here, he's fumbling the entire film through and it's believable. He isn't some mysterious genius like Bruce Wayne who stops the crime and disappears into the shadows. He fucks up, makes genuinely funny quips, and saves the day with a laugh.

Tom Holland himself is also charismatic. In interviews, this is a guy you wanna get to know. Tobey Maguire is cool and all and Andrew Garfield is funny, but which of the three do you most know for their interviews and public life? Yeah, Tom Holland. Coz he's awesome. He makes this film and it's such a delight to see him interact with anyone.

2. The Script

It's genius. If you're telling me when you watch this on Netflix or something and you're not rewinding certain lines and scenes because of how funny they are, then you're lying to yourself and to me, which isn't nice, don't do that.

This film is hilarious. Marvel movies on the whole have scripts that are funny. But it's usually undercut by the general tone of the film or by the jokes not being funny in the first place. Here, the comedy is different. It's teen comedy. It's comedy that you can rewatch and enjoy every single time. In the original Avengers, the jokes were one-liners that after you heard once you could remember and not find that entertaining the second time around. In this film, that is not nearly the case and that just adds to its genius. Everything is so thought out and so tailored that it simply makes the other Marvel films dwindle in comparison.

3. A Believable Villain

Michael Keaton is amazing. He is a villain you remember and who you actually sympathise with. Loki is an incredible villain, granted. Thanos is the greatest villain alive. And The Vulture is an awesome addition. He's fucked over by Iron Man and so takes revenge. He doesn't wanna kill the world just because, he doesn't even want to kill anybody. There is one death in the film and even that is played off as comedy and as a mistake. Keaton's character isn't sadistic. He does what he does to protect his family. It's the exact same how Parker does what he does to protect his friends. They both love something and do whatever it takes to make sure they are protected.

4. The Score

Normally I, or normal viewers for that matter, pick up on this, but in this film, it's necessary. Again, Marvel films normally are quite good at this, but again, this film did it better. It fits the tone of the scene perfectly and mixed with the editing, it just screams perfection. A particular scene that comes to mind is when Parker meets Adrian Toomes (Keaton) for the first time. We had just had the great scene of Parker getting ready for the Homecoming dance, with the loud score roaring in the background, we get to the Toomes house, Parker sees Toomes, and it goes silent. Holland's acting naturally adds to the tension of the scene already, but the silence solidifies it. Rarely, from memory, is their no music in this film. It's a teen film after all, so there's generally always music. But here, there's nothing. That's what makes this film good. It turns it from a normal superhero film, to one that is self-aware and wanting to be great.

5. A Break From The Monotony

This is a break from the typical Spider-Man films. Uncle Ben is not mentioned once; he is only mildly referenced in the most off-the-hand way. Aunt May isn't some grieving octogenarian, she's a believably aged aunt to a fifteen-year-old kid. We don't see the spider bite, we only hear about the spider in a ten second moment and then brush it away. You know why? BECAUSE NOBODY CARES. Nobody cares about Uncle Ben, that topic has been done already. Nobody cares about Aunt May (well, after seeing Marisa Tomei they probably care more now), so let's not make her a distraction (like having her be a bajillion years old). Nobody cares about the spider bite because we know the story. This is a break from tradition and considering how well this was received, it was a good decision.

They made a Spider-Man film. They didn't make a Spider-Man origin film because it's been done twice and we don't want that anymore. Spider-Man 2 (the Maguire one) is a great film, of course. There are obviously many reasons as to why it's exceptional, but I believe one of them is because it's just a Spider-Man film. We had the origin one before it, now we're just focusing on Peter Parker. Brilliant.

6. Everyone Got What They Wanted

So now no one can complain. This film knew what its audience wanted and delivered everything and more. Spider-Man fans were satisfied to see a true representation of the character. Superhero fans were satisfied to see a genuinely amazing superhero film. Film fans were satisfied to see an incredibly well-made picture. Teens were satisfied to see a comedy that they can truly relate to. Comic book fans were satisfied to see their favourite moments represented (e.g. the rubble lifting scene). Everyone can love this film as it's directed at everyone. Nothing more can be said, Marvel finally made a perfect superhero film.


And that's what I think. Avenger's: Infinity War is naturally one of the greatest Marvel films there is, along with Iron Man, but this film in particular, to me at least, is the Holy Grail. It does everything correctly and only gets better with every re-watching. Nothing is out of place. The world feels real. The characters seem real and have great chemistry. It's just incredible and that's why I believe it's the best Marvel film there is.

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