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Why "The Boys" From Amazon Is The Must Watch Show of The Summer

Ok, forget Netflix now. Stop spending hours looking in its list for a new series to watch. Go to Amazon Prime and chose THE BOYS. OMG! It is SO great!!

The world of the Boys is seemingly inspired in anime such as “My Hero Academy” or “One Punch”, where Superheroes (Supes) are accepted as normal, so society accepts them and adores them. A bunch of god-complex heroes that like in DC movies cause a bunch of collateral damage every time they show their faces to save someone. A corporation BAAAAD full of NAAAASTY people who commercialise them, a kind of Disney Corp but with a dark soul, who also hires heroes to keep the city clean, and a bunch of misfits, fighting against the dark, cruel and SOB supes. Mix it with “American Gods” taste for gross and you have “The Boys” ready.

Erin Moriarty is sweet Starlight, while Jack Quaid is sweet and funny Hughie. Their love story is the weakest point of the show, still to be developed on Season 2. We still need to see more about Black Noir, and Tomer Kapon as Frenchie ads humour and sympathy to the show, as does, surprisingly, Chance Crawford as 'The Deep'. But it is Anthony Starr as 'The Homelander', who is completely unpredictable and scary, just moving that f... lip, and above all, Karl Urban as Butcher, who steal the show with their strong characters and performances.

The show offers an incredibly fresh take on superheroes and yet it is astonishing that no one has thought of it before. The idea of having heroes who are normally brave and pure behave like real humans with that kind of power is incredible. They kill people if they face them, they sexually harass people...

And yes, I haven’t spoiled a thing. I can’t. You would hate me otherwise. You would have to watch it and get astonished every single time. GO!!!

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