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WTF!? Messi Just Got a Red Card!?

What just happened? Messi was there, peacefully playing and giving it all to win and then... BOOM! A fight with Medel on the 37th minute got both players sent off.

That's right! During Saturday's 3rd place Copa America match between Chile and Argentina, Leo Messi a.k.a The GOAT suffered what is his second red card in a long and clean career. It's true that Argentina won in the end, but a win is not the same without Messi. No Messi, no party!

It all started very normally, as any match of this kind would: High intensity, some dirty "but kind" tackles and a couple of insults both ways. That's American football for you, people. On a game Argentina was playing for honor rather than the prize, they were completely dominant over their opponents (who lost against Peru 0-3. Puff... Ha, ha, ha, ha!)

With 2-0 in favor of the albiceleste, around the 36th minute, a fight for the ball that was leaving the field between the two captains ended in the most strange way possible: A complete ring fight! I'm not kidding... FOR REAL! (Ladies and gentlemen: In one corner, the Chilean bone crusher, Gary Medel! And on the other side, the great, the almighty, the beast himself... The GOAT, Leo Messi!).

The Pit bull and the Goat were sent off straight away, although, the referee needed the help of friendly VAR to make sure the decision was unanimous. Someone would say that a yellow card was enough for both, or maybe a red for Medel (He's already wearing red, so...) and a yellow card for Messi, but, in the end, there was mutual red just before reaching the half. This red card is very significant, however, especially for the FC Barcelona star: Fourteen years after seeing his first and only red card, the day of his debut with the Argentina's national team, Messi picked his second red card. I hope he's not planning on making a collection from now on.

This whole thing comes just days after Messi made his frustrations with Conmebol (South American football federation) known. After a 2-0 defeat to hosts Brazil, Messi went out on a mini rant in which he called out the federation for their supposed corruption. Messi said that Brazil has way too much influence in the South American football federation and that the whole tournement had been set up for them to win, and after seeing the Argentina Brazil game you start thinking. It is somewhat obvious that the referees are in Brazil's favor, every decision seems to go their way. Messi's accusations could seem a reaction to his Argentina missing out on a major intentional tournament once again, but after this red card it almost seems like he may be onto something. Gary Medel clearly bumps into Messi head first wile the Argentinian only holds his ground, he doesn't go to the floor or fight back, the captain simply stood his ground with his arms in the air so it wouldn't seem like he had any intention of hurting Medel. The ref thought otherwise, however, as he unfairly sent Messi off to the surprise of the player an every fan in attendance.

Erm... Apart from that little "gigantic" accident, the match was the perfect revenge for Argentina over Chile, who won the two previous "CONSECUTIVE" finals (Ha, ha). It's true that they probably wished to have played the final of the tournament, but... Who cares? A revenge is a revenge!

Until that bitter epilogue, the first half was a complete domination from Argentina. Firstly, Kun Agüero, opened the scoring on the 11th minute, after a great quick and decisive pass by Messi that left the City striker completely alone to the surprise of most of Chile's defense. GOOOAAALLL! 1-0!

Leo tried to score the 2nd, with a kick on the edge of the box, however, Gabriel Arias kept the shot away. That's why the Argentinian opted to give the goal to Paulo Dybala a.k.a La Perla; a through pass, a great control and a chip over Arias. GOOOAAALLL! 2-0!

The match had even more controversy. More? Juicy! VAR (Here you are again) awarded a penalty to Chile, after a failed scorpion kick by Lo Celso hit on Pulgar's leg instead of the ball. Arturo Vidal, with great class, put the penalty down the middle, scoring the first for his team.

Argentina has finally had the revenge they longed for, and they have obtained the 3rd place in this 2019 Copa America.

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